How to successfully sell books online
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If you want to know how to successfully sell books online, this post will do just that for you. As a an experiences publishing firm, we have observed many factors that have not helped lots of authors to sell ebooks successfully on Amazon or online.

I am going to show you one of the important factors that have hindered authors from selling books successfully online or in Amazon in this post. Other factors have been treated on this blog in the past or will be taught in new posts in the future.


What does it mean to sell books successfully online?

Selling books successfully online is all about getting the right or the profitable returns from your published books online. In other words, it is all about selling more of your ebooks online that is enough to pay your bills.

I believe you love that. Most authors will love that. As an author and the CEO of Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing, we have sold thousands of books online and on Amazon. You can check some of the posts on this blog sharing our practical experiences.

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How to successfully sell books online: Why authors fail

Authors fail selling books successfully online because of these two reasons:

  • Ego publishing
  • Market-influenced Publishing

What are these? I am sure you are eager to get more information. Please read on.


What is Ego publishing?

Ego publishing is one of the reasons a lot of authors are not really getting sales for their books online.

Ego publishing is when an author just decide on his or her to write a book on a topic and to give it a title and subtitle without any need to check or research what the market or his target audience want.

With situation like this, authors love to fan the flame of their ego. They want to determine what the market must accept based on their feelings and their thoughts.

Usually this does not always work out this way. Over the years we have seen very good books but very poor titles and subtitles given to them.

Also these good books, though well written but were written just to satisfy the ego of the author and not to solve any problem the market have.


What is market-influenced Publishing?

Market-influenced Publishing on the other hand is a book project started and executed based on the problems researched and discovered in the market.

These type of books usually have the right titles and subtitles screaming at the author before he finishes writing the book.

Agreed some books projects can come as inspiration or revelation especially for those writing faith based books. You still need to do some little researches to discover useful titles, subtitles, chapter contents etc.


How to successfully sell books online: Doing book marketing researches

Carrying out book marketing researches is a very useful business practice not just for Authors but for businesses generally.

It’s as a simple as this – find out what the market wants and give the market what it wants.


My best selling books online

Some of my best selling books online were products of simple researches or discoveries through researches

Books like:

  • How I publish books on Amazon
  • How i sell ebooks on Amazon
  • How to stop an addiction
  • You can stop masturbation by reading simple stories and charts (I got this and the Solutions I presented in the book through an online forum and through scriptural references)
  • Is Tithing a Godly Practice
  • How to interpret dreams
  • Etc.

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My best selling Christian romance novel

christian romance novel

Even my best selling Christian romance novel that I got the idea through revelation from the book of Hosea, I still had to carry some researches to understand how to present the contents and the stories to reach the right audience.

I also had to check out some descriptions on Amazon in the genre I wanted to publish to get some ideas on how to craft the description for the book.

The cover for the book was discovered and used based on some of my researches. Find more information about The Prostitute novel 


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How to successfully sell books online
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