How to use PayPal as a Nigerian
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Do you want to know hie I use PayPal as a Nigerian? You will be reading that in this post.

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How to use PayPal as a Nigerian 

PayPal is indeed an issue for Nigerians. It has been like that for many years now. There was actually a development that attracted and got lots of Nigerians excited some years ago.

PayPal actually allowed Nigerians to use the platform but limited our use to only payment only. But Nigerians want to have PayPal accounts that receive money online.

We are still waiting for the time when we will be able to have this type of PayPal account as described immediately above.


How we use PayPal legitimately 

We were using in the past to withdraw our PayPal money inyo Nigerian bank account (I don’t know whether it’s still existing). But they stopped working.

Now, we use a friend and business partner to operate a UK PayPal in the past 7 years. We don’t have a problem.

But you have to find someone you can trust to do this. Wherever you have a friend abroad where PayPal is accepted, you can follow this strategy.

After registeration, the person must use his bank account to verify and to list it as the receiving account. In fact, my friend used a dedicated bank account for us for this purpose.

Some people are talking about . We have not tried it.


Other payment issues 

Still talking about payment issues I think I should also mention something about payoneer and receiving accounts. I mean payoneer and their receiving accounts.

Now let me inform you that I have received a lot of emails and a lot of WhatsApp messages from others who complained about not finding their receiving accounts even after they have registered their payoneer account.

Now, I was receiving these messages and I was some kind of surprised and confused so I decided to carry out some researches.

Now, let me tell you what used to happen in the past whenever you open a payoneer account and then after you have registered and they have approved it. Immediately you will find your receiving account in your account that is the US bank account, UK bank account, the Canadian bank account that you can use on Amazon but things have changed.

Carrying out searches online, I discovered that after your account is approved, you have to write an email to them and ask them to activate your account to have receiving accounts. It is very important you should note this and I believe this should be an information to some of you that in this group who have asked me this question.

You need to send an email to them to activate your account for receiving accounts. I believe this is a check on their part to stop fraud and also to keep people in check and I don’t blame them for this.

Please you have to contact payoneer support and ask them to activate your account.

Let me also inform you that sometimes when you write payoneer they will direct you to some of their frequently asked questions (FAQ) or support answers which are pre-recorded.

When you go through all these and you can’t find a solution. You should still send an email to them. You should be persistent until you receive an answer from them.

How to use PayPal as a Nigerian
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