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Welcome to another book and publishing news item for today. I hope you will love them. We use this feature to bring you news and exciting articles in the book publishing world and industry.

5 Ways Publishing a Book Can Expedite Your Business Success

If you want to learn how to use your book to fast-track growth in your business, you need to read this interesting article. I have used my publish books to grow my business in many ways. This article will give you valuable ways you can begin to do this too.

What every entrepreneur needs more than anything else, after they have built an innovative new product or service, is visibility, credibility, and trust by customers, potential employees, and future business partners.

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Read the Story and Experience of Martin Casas Who Has Collected Over 3000 comics Over the Years

Martin Casas owns Apotheosis Comics & Lounge in St. Louis, Mo; he’s also an avid comic collector. He’s collected some 3,000 comics over thirty years. A week ago, every single one of them was stolen.

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Casas kept his personal collection of comics at a local storage unit. Thieves clipped the padlock and stole all 10 boxes containing his collection. They left behind a dresser and exercise machine. Casas told the local media he was livid, but as he was with his 10-year-old daughter at the time, he tried to remain calm. The story, however, was just beginning. The rest of it plays out like scene straight from the pages of Batman.

Please read more at Martin Casas Comic Collector

A Deal You don’t Want to Miss: Concordia Is Giving Away Thousands Of Free Books For One Day Only This September

We all love freebies. I believe no one is an exception. In this article you will find the opportunity of good freebies of books this September.

Concordia University is well known for its fall book fair that takes place only once a year. It’s open to everyone and offers cheap and reasonably priced used books starting at $3. The fair has raised over $200,000 in total for students over the years.

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I hope you have enjoyed the book and publishing news items for today. Thank you and let me read your comments on how they have helped you.

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How to use your books to grow your business
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