How to write and package articles
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If you want to learn how to write and package articles for sale, you need to read this article to the end. Writers and authors can definitely earn income by writing and selling articles online.

You will also need to learn how to market your writings. Marketing articles is no different from marketing other products, though here you are everything rolled into one.


How to write and package articles for sale

Please find below the step by step guide on what you need to do to write and package articles for sale.


Select suitable publication

It’s impossible for anybody to be an expert in all facets of life. So take time to select publications that best suits the interest of your target audience.

Also, these publications are the ones that you can break into easily. For example, you can contribute to trade press and in-house journals.


Get their contacts 

Make sure you get the correct contact of where you want to send your materials. In the case of editors, get their personal and correct emails.

Sending your material to the wrong person or email means you can never get published.


Package your articles

The packaging is very important in the life of every product. The same goes for writing. In fact, writing should attract the best of packaging.

So, study your audience and the medium you wish to use to get to them, that way you will be able to satisfy them with your writing.


Who To Send Your Materials To

It’s a waste of time to research, have sleepless nights only for your writings to be thrown into the waste bin. That is exactly what will happen if it gets into the wrong hand.

First, you must have an audience in mind. Having identified that, you will take time to find the best medium to reach your audience. It will be a waste of time and resources to send fashion materials to a business publication.

Take time to understand various media houses. Investigate to find out what actually the publication house you are targeting stands for.

What is their editorial viewpoint? This information will help you to know the best outlet for the information you have.

Luckily most publications come with personal emails and telephone numbers of their staff. So getting the direct contact is no longer difficult. Your material must go direct to the individual in charge of the sector you want to write for.

Yes the editors are there, but why do you think they have sub-editors and editorial assistants?

According to Dimgba Igwe, the former Deputy Managing Director/ Deputy Editor-in-Chief Sun Publications the publishers of Daily Sun in his book Writing Successful Articles “An article is of no use unless an editor agrees to publish it.”

I hope you enjoyed this short article, how to write and package articles

How to write and package articles
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