How to write sales copies
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Authors must learn how to write sales copies or sales letters. If you run a business, you should learn to write sales copies that sell.

Agreed, you can always outsource this business activity but it is not going to be a bad idea if you help yourself to understand what sales copies or sales letters are all about.

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Why do you need to learn how to write sales copies?

Sometimes, when you have a new product and service, you are the best person to know the actual benefits it has for the people. I learned to write simple sales ad at the very beginning of my business life.

I created quiet a handful of winning sales ads for my products then. After I noticed the huge profit I got writing these sales ads, I took a decision to learn more about writing full sales letters.


Have you struggled to produce winning sales copies?

Do you do jobs online? Are you an Internet marketer? Have you struggled to produce effective sales copies to market your online products?

If these questions have interest you, then you should read on because I will be revealing, in this online job article, practical ways you can begin to write your own sales copies that will bring massive profits for your business.


What are sales copies?

Sales copies or sales letters are your sales men. So many people have made great sales because of the professional way their sales copies have been written.

Online and offline, a great sales letter can play a great role in your business. If you sell product or service online, you must have to find a way of writing your sales letter yourself, especially if you are just starting out and are operating under a tight budget.

Since you may not be able to afford the services of an expert that will write one for you.

I am about to share with you, tips on how you can begin to write your sales copies. I wrote my very first set of sales letters myself and they were professional in their looks. Please enjoy these tips.


How to write sales copies: Part of a sales letter

Let us look at what makes up winning sales copies:



This part of a sales letter is very important as it draws attention of the reader to what is under it. For your headline to be effective, it must have strong benefits for the person reading your sales letter. It must be strong and compelling.


Sub Headline

This comes under the headline. You may not include this but if you must, you should ensure it continues the good work the headline started.


An Introduction

This follows up on the headline. It makes the people to keep reading. It should stress the problem and emphasize the solution.



Benefits are important parts of a sales copy. You should be able to identify the many benefits your readers would gain if they end up buying your product. These should be highlighted with bullets.



Features are used after benefits have been exhausted. Benefits are more powerful than the features of your product.

They should also be highlighted with bullets. For example, a knife made with gold. Gold is the feature.



This can go a long way to strengthen the readers’ trust about your product or service. It is very good if you include contact details of those who have given their testimonials about your products.



You need to state, in clear terms, what your benefit-laden product or service is going to cost the reader if he or she takes a decision to buy.

The price should be located in positions where the reader can see it clearly. I am sure you don’t want a situation whereby the reader will be searching the length and breadth of your copy looking for the price of your product.



These are irresistible offers you have included to give more value to your product or service. Most people are won over by the quality of your bonuses.


Money-Back Guarantee

This should be stated and it really helps you to win over the reader finally. It helps you to make more money.

The person may just go ahead to buy your product after all if he or she is not satisfied, he or she can have his or her money back.


How to Order

This is an important part of your copy. The “How to Order” button must be displayed in a very prominent place on your copy.

You don’t want to spoil the good work you have started by making the reader to miss this important link. Most times, this link is repeated in about two more places in a sales copy.



This should be included at the end of your sales letter. It should contain information about you and your business (your website address must be here and your email address).


Post Script (PS)

This is used to emphasize the important point in the sales letter and to win over those that are skeptical.


How to write sales copies: Write yours today

I believe this post on how to write sales copies have given you valued education and shown you basic details of how to write sales copies that sells.

You need to read this post all over again and write your first sales copy of sales letter. You can start with writing s simple sales ad of not more than two paragraphs.

You can also start out by writing simple sales headlines and sub headlines for your product or service.

When you are done, you can send samples to us at NownowBooks. We will look at it and get back to you with advice and ideas to make it better. Contact us here or send a Whatsapp message to 08034300979.


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How to write sales copies
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