Importance of books
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If you want to know the importance of books to your life, business, career or ministry, this post is for you. Books have been there in our world since time immemorial. Many people have done great things with books.


Importance of books: a communication tool

Books have been here for a long time and will continue to be here for ages. They have been and will continue to be the most versatile and user-friendly communication package in existence.

Books are tactile and relevant in a way that computer is not. Books initially come in form of papyrus scrolls. But they come as we know them now since Johann Gutenberg invented the typographic printing machine in Germany. The structure of our national life will continue to rest on our books of law, religion, history, geography and politics.


Books are reservoir of knowledge

Books will continue to be the main source of our reservoir of knowledge about faith wisdom, morality, poetry philosophy and science. Any people or nation that doesn’t place the right value on books will ever be in bondage.

Book publishing

The scripture, says,

And the gospel must first be published among all nations (Mark 13.10).

Publishing books is one of the most fundamental ways of preaching, spreading and sustaining the gospel in the world. God himself laid down this truth by moving His servants to write and publish the Bible, containing sixty six books.

Without publishing, the gospel will die in the world. Any minister or ministry that fails to publish has not done any good job for God or posterity. Publishing is the first ministry of the church.


Importance of books: Gospel of Jesus is published

The Bible and other quality Christian books must be regularly and constantly published. Any minister or ministry that fails to publish is a waster. He wasted his gifts, revelations, insights, impact and financial influence in the world.

Martin Luther knew this truth and he wrote and published more than 100 books to spark and spread the revival of the great reformation around the world. Communism also spread fast because of the printed page. In a year they print more than 60, 000 different books and circulate them far and wide.

It is a fact that Jehovah Witness has the largest printing press in the world and it keeps on publishing their damnable heresies. In spite of the anointing, miracles and numerical growth of churches, without good publishing of quality books, the work will die and the fire will go down.


Power of books

God has always been using books to spread his message far and wide for quite a long time. The printed page has brought light, fire, passion and illumination to hearts that has sparked great revivals of religion. Every great man of God that has done or is still doing great work for God is usually made by books. I have benefitted greatly by reading books.

Most of what God is doing in my ministry stems from books that I have read and wrote. Books have incredible power to bless and fire up people. Books speak even when the author is silent.


8 Importance of books

  • Books inform and educate.
  • Books bring change and transformation.
  • Books bring light, life and illumination.
  • Books will remain alive long after the author has gone.
  • Books will go where the author cannot go
  • Books don’t need visa or passport to cross borders.
  • Books will reach out to people the author will never meet.
  • Books speak anytime, anywhere and in any place.


Books will shape generations to come

Books will shape generations to come and will influence things for God. A good example is the late Kenneth Hagin Snr. He was a prolific writer, author and publisher. He wrote quality books, out of his relationship with God, on faith, prayer, prophecy and gifts of the Spirit.

He never came to Nigeria throughout his many years of ministry, but his books found their ways here. And they really blessed many people.

At least, I was one of the numerous young Christians that were reading his books in the early 80’s. His books clarify the scriptures and Christian experiences to us in the way our churches and preachers cannot in those days. I am sure that when we get to heaven, we shall be part of his reward.

In closing, you must strive to write and publish. It is then and only are truly preaching and spreading the gospel. And they must be quality books, journals, tracts, magazines and booklets. Any minister or ministry that doesn’t publish is not building a great work for the Lord. Where are your books?

Credit: Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John

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Importance of books
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