Investment opportunities in multi purpose hall
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If you want investment opportunities in multi purpose hall business, then this post is just right for you.

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Introduction to investment opportunities in multi purpose hall business

n a society like ours, where value is attached to ceremonies like marriage, birthday, seminar and conference, the use of venues where participants can enjoy the occasion is necessary. This development therefore makes multi-purpose halls to be on high demand.

Moreover, with some state governments’ regulations prohibiting the blocking of streets and roads to hold parties or social functions, the choice open to people is to rent a hall or look for school compounds for their occasions.

During raining season the use of hall offer a better alternative in terms of provision of facilities.

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Multi purpose hall business is a good revenue option

Multi purpose halls offer a good avenue for investment because property is fixed asset. It cannot be stolen, it cannot be easily destroyed, but rather it appreciates in value.

Depending on location, size of the hall and facilities provided, some halls can charge as high as N150, 000 or more for a day’s use, while some charges between N80, 000 and N30,000.

Investment in multipurpose hall offer good returns, however, not all are patronized. Key factors that determine success in the business must be taken into consideration. For example, the location of the hall and the facilities it offer are vital keys for success.


Factors that determine success in this business

The following are the details of the factors the determine success:

  • Location determines returns because some areas attract higher charges than others. The location must also be accessible and car park must be provided.
  • Likewise, provision of uninterrupted power supply is necessary with befitting furniture.
  • Managing the hall requires little hands. A manager, a marketer and cleaners who can be working on part-time are enough hands needed to keep the business running.

Combination of other services such as chairs, tables and canopy rental services can boost investor’s earning.

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Investment opportunities in multi purpose hall
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