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Authors can join join Famelink to sell their fiction and novels in any category. This is a good opportunity for authors who have written one or two novels in any category in the past.

Aspiring authors can also register immediately to start posting their chapters as they are developed or written.

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What is Famelink?

Famelink is an online Publishing and book marketing company where authors can promote and sell their works of fiction or novels.

With Famelink, an agent is assigned to you immediately you complete registeration. This agent will guide you through the process of uploading your book on the platform and the signing of the contract.


The famelink contract 

We just signed a contract for our best selling novel, The Prostitute novel with this online book Publishing company. The contract was signed yesterday.

Sign up with Famelink today 

You can also access this opportunity if you write fiction or novels. So if you have already written any fiction or novel in any category,  you have to seize this opportunity immediately.

When you sign up, an agent will be assigned to you and this agent will guide you through the process until the contract signing stage.

Now this is the link to sign up with the Publishing company.


Find more details 

After I become a contract author of FameInk, I not only receive a generous monthly income from novel subscriptions and tips from readers, but also have the chance to get my works adapted into audiobooks, comics, games, movies, etc. Sign up now to start your creative journey now!

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Join Famelink to sell your novels
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