How to source for information as an author
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You will find how to source for information as an author in this post. Please enjoy it if you want contents that will aid your writing process.

Source for information as an author 

Writing is a serious business, so should be taken very seriously. Just like manufacturers need some basic raw materials to be in business, a writer also needs information to continue to churn out fresh materials.

  • Libraries

One of the places to get information is in other people’s writings. It then means one must be a bookworm. Anything contrary to that is a waste of time. You must be a regular visitor to bookshops, libraries, and newspaper stands.

Talking about libraries, there are public and private ones located all over the place. When people come up with the excuse that the public libraries are nothing to write home about, I get worried. If you can’t get what you want in that of the public, what happened to the private ones?

The truth is that some of us are lazy. If you search, you will discover the private libraries in various places. Also, most publishing houses have well-stocked and equipped libraries that are open to the general public.

  • Seminars

Another way of getting information is to attend all manner of seminars, workshops, conferences. When you listen to speeches and presentations made by experts, you are sure to get refreshing ideas. You can also invest in audiotapes.

  • Networking

It’s a stated fact that two good heads are better than one. Joining a mastermind group could be a sure way to tap from the wisdom of others. It’s in an environment of this nature that people network. No tree is an island. Assume that you know nothing. Socrates, the man regarded to be one of the wisest men once confessed: “All I know is that I know nothing.”

  • Travelling

Also one of the areas people don’t tend to look at is tourism. Visiting and going to places you’ve never gone to in the past is sure to present you with information you’ve never had at your disposal. You know, traveling is an education on its own. So this could also be explored. If you are a writer and you don’t enjoy traveling, then something is wrong somewhere.

  • Media

Newspapers, magazines, trade journals, brochures, in-house publications, etc are all amazing places to get stories for your writings. Also the electronic media – television, and radio – churn out fresh stories on a daily basis. It then means that for one to be a good writer, efforts must be made to watch and listen to television and radio always. You don’t need to be an addict to get all that you want. We all know that too much of everything is bad.

  • Internet

Writing I believe has been made easier with the advent of the internet. Now writers and of course everyone who cares can get as much information as possible from all over the world just by the press of a button. Now in the comfort of your home or office, you can get details of many subjects without much stress.

  • Mentors and Models

It was Isaac Newton who observed, “If am seeing farther than others, it’s because am standing on the shoulders of giants.” You have a lot to learn from those who have achieved success in writing. Seek them out and learn from them.

  • Scraps

We must all form the habit of reading any and everything. Scraps of papers can be very good sources of information. Don’t be in a hurry to throw away any piece of paper, even the ones used by the ‘akara’ or ‘puff-puff’ seller. I get stories from various places. Old newspapers, magazines, tracts, etc are wonderful places great stories can be found.

  • You

Then, the most important place to get information is from your personal experience. This is where you have first-hand stories to tell. If you are going to be a good writer, then you must be a very curious and observant person. The truth is that on a daily basis, we are being presented with experiences that if documented, will solve other people’s problems.

  • Meditation

Meditation is another source of information. According to Dimba Igwe, “Story ideas start from the known to the unknown. The known is yourself.” One is bound to get ideas after thinking about any subject for a reasonable length of time.

Meditation is not just an exercise to be taken like every other type of exercise. Here you need absolute concentration to succeed. So it pays to be done in an environment that you will not be disturbed or distracted. Why do you think some writers go on holiday?

Make sure you exercise your brain for that is the only way you can be sure to get the best out of it. It’s just the same with every other aspect of our body. To be in very good shape, you must exercise your body constantly.

How to source for information as an author
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