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The KDP Select Program also known as Kindle Select Program is an initiative from Amazon for authors who use their Kindle Direct Publishing platform to publish and sell their ebooks. I am using this post to show you how we use the KDP Select Program to launch and also push the sales of our books on Amazon.

About launching your book with KDP Select Program on Amazon

I have had to answer questions about the Amazon KDP Select Program and whether it’s great to use it to launch books on Amazon on many occasions. It’s likely you have asked the same question as an author in the past.

The fist basic fact you need to know about this program is that it requires exclusivity – you must not publish the digital copy of your book on any platform online for the three months duration your book will be enrolled in the program.

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Argument against the KDP Select Program

A lot of people have argued for and against this requirement from Amazon. But I believe it’s great for authors who write lots of books and those who just want to concentrate on Amazon only for a particular period.

You can always try it out and then take your book away from the program after three months. In our organization, we write lots of books, so we enroll some of our books in the program and some are published on both Amazon and other e-publishing platforms online.

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Launching your books with the KDP Select Program

One way to launch a new book is by using the Amazon’s KDP Select program. We use it to launch some of our books in order to give it publicity and to get some reviews.

Note: You need to read my short ebook guides, How I sell on Amazon and How I Make Passive income on Amazon to see a graphic description of this strategy.

Usually, we include a direct link where readers who download our books from the program can leave a review. We always get good start ratings and written reviews this way. You should understand that reviews are extremely relevant if your books would make a mark on Amazon.

So the launch of the book is done by giving it out free through KDP Select Program and after we have a good number of star ratings or reviews, we take it off the program and begin to use other methods to bring traffick to the sales page of the book on Amazon.

Is this Program for you?

The Amazon KDP Select Program program was launched in December 2011 and I first enrolled one of our books in the program in early in the year 2014. The program is no longer as effective as it was in 2012, but we have still seen success with our books as well as the books of other authors especially using the strategy I just  described.

Finally, you can read more about this ebook marketing Program

Kdp Select Program: Launching your book with it
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