Make money from goat rearing
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How to make money from goat rearing. This is an income opportunity post for you. I would like you to take advantage of this.

The Nigerian situation is actually a very intimidating one. Many Nigerians are facing terrible times because the economy of the country is on the downward trends.

Let us look at how you can make money from goat rearing.

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Make money from goat rearing: Old way of breeding sheep

The traditional way of breeding sheep and goats doesn’t take much work, but it also does not produce much.

It takes little work because the animals are not looked after, they are not fed, they are not given water to drink and they are not given shelter. But this way of breeding produces little. The animals are small, they are often ill, and their young ones often die.

The flock produces little meat for the family, the village and the country. The flock produces little money. The farmer spends little on them, but also earns little from them.


Breeding goats in the modern way

If a farmer breeds sheep and goats in the modern way he will earn more money. Animals must be well fed: a child that does not eat well does not grow well.

He is often ill. A man who does not eat well cannot do much work, he is not strong, and he is often ill. It is the same with animals.

They must be given enough food. In the dry season, there is often little food and the animals lose weight. They must be given rich food with food supplements.

A sheep or goat raised for meat should grow quickly. Then it can be sold faster. Likewise an ewe or she goat that is having young ones need good food. Then she can feed the young in her womb well and provide enough milk them when they are born. If the mothers have enough milk, the young ones will grow better and faster.


Sheep and goats need water

Sheep and goats get thin during the dry season, if they do not drink enough water. A sheep can drink 5-6 litres of water a day if ruminants do not drink enough water they can’t digest grass.

It is therefore expedient that enough water should be given to sheep and goats during the dry season. This is good for their growth and development.

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How to look after the sheep and goats

Looking after the sheep and goats, you should ensure you vaccinate the animals even when they are not ill. Vaccination protects a child from disease; do not wait for the animal to be ill.

There will be little disease if the animals are well fed and kept really clean. Parasites are the worst problems in sheep and goat breeding.

Protect animal from parasites. Give them clean water to drink  Do not leave the flock near streams. Do not keep more than 20 animals together because parasites and contagious diseases multiply in big flocks.

A diseased animal gives the disease to all the flock. Take special care with the young ones and mothers. They are the most delicate.


Goats need a paddock

Paddock protects animal pen from wild beasts and thieves, from wind, sun and rain, from diseases.

In the villages, animals are kept in a traditional enclosure, there are often too many animals, the ground is dirty and wet. Animals easily catch diseases under these conditions and their wounds heal badly, especially those of the feet.


Giving the animals good housing

Make a building next to the paddock. A modern building of concrete and sheet iron is quite expensive. You can improve the housing of sheep and a goat, which is called a sheep shed or goat shed, without spending too much money by using local materials.


How to make money from goat rearing: Organizing sales

To earn more from goat rearing, it is not enough to work better, you must also sell better. A farmer must think about the date when he will sell his animals.

You know that sheep and goats are sold at a high profit at the time of certain traditional festivals. So organize your stock raising in order to have animals for sale at the festivals. Also, sheep and goats are hot cakes for restaurants especially in the cities.

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Make money from goat rearing
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