Networking for success as authors
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Networking for success as authors should be a practice every author or publisher must get involved in. The competition for attention is so fierce today in the publishing world and the cost of publicity and marketing are getting higher by the day.

This is getting beyond the reach of many authors especially new authors who have little or no financial resources to buy ads and pay for marketing programs.

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Networking for success as authors: The need to come together

In our efforts to be recognized, we all have to come together and network for success as authors. Remember your network determines you worth.

You can never be more powerful or less powerful than your network. Your network will determine how far you go as an author these days.

Agreed, some authors, especially the big authors who already have a name, can still command some level of success with their works or books, it is not so with new authors or yet-to-be established authors. We have also seen established authors maintain long-term networks.

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How to build your network as an author

How do you build your network as an author? Let us look at some tips below:

  • Understand your message as an author
  • Package your brand. People usually want to associate with people who are organized
  • If you understand your message and niche, you should reach out to people in your niche
  • Package a free ebook, video or podcast and give them out free to people in your niche
  • Have a blog set up and optimized for search engines visibility. People who should be in your network will naturally find you through search engines
  • Compile the names of top actors in your niche and reach out to them via WhatsApp or email
  • Subscribe to newsletters of top performers or get into their Whatsapp groups if they have any in place.
  • Offer to sell products or books of top actors in your niche. This gives you the opportunity to get close to them.
  • Ensure you document contact information of professionals you use in your niche. You may need them later
  • Register and become a member of writers association in your country
  • Become a part of authors’ forum online
  • Start a free newsletter or a training program for upcoming authors


Build your network as an author

It is time to build your network as an author or publisher. Remember again that your network is your worth.

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Networking for success as authors
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