Zarepath Publishing/NowNowBooks announce

‘New year publishing and sales BONANZA’

(January 7 , 2022 to January 30, 2022)

We are glad to announce the first publishing and sales BONANZA for the year 2022. We hope you will take advantage of this. You can call/WhatsApp 08034300979


1. Book Publishing on Amazon (20-100 pages) = N6000

2. Book formatting (20-100 pages) = 2500

3. Design and development of author blogs and website (call to confirm price)

4. Ebook: How I make passive Income self publishing books on Amazon = N650 (normal price is N1500)

5. Ebook: How I sell ebooks on Amazon = N650 (normal price is N1500)

6. Online course: How I sell ebooks on Amazon = N1500 (normal price is N3000)

7. Online course: On page SEO strategies for bloggers = 1500 (normal price is N3000)

8. Ebook: How to publish your books in foreign languages without paying translation fee = N650 (normal price is N1500).

I hope you can take advantage of these special prices.

Time of special discount offer: (January 7 , 2022 to January 30, 2022)

You can call/WhatsApp 08034300979

Read more about our publishing and sales bonanza now

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NowNow Books is an online bookstore in Nigeria with a difference. We are different because we have you and your development at the centre of our hearts. We bring valuable information products and books to you at very cheap prices. We don’t just sell; we also try as much as possible to help you make money. We also have series of training programmes for registered members of NowNow Books.

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