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A new Nigerian Christian romance novel is out. It’s titled, Thorns Inside the Rose. It’s the sequel to the popular and best-selling Christian romance novel, The Prostitute.

The author of this Nigerian Christian romance fiction, Thorns Inside the Rose, Sesan Oguntade is happy to conclude work on this sequel to his first Christian romance novel, The Prostitute.


More information about this new Nigerian Christian romance novel

I want you to find more information about this new Nigerian Christian romance novel below as released by Sesan Oguntade:

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Christian novel of evil inside love (sequel to the Prostitute novel)

This is a sequel to my Christian romance novel, The Prostitute novel and it offers the same exciting and real-life story of a couple who got married from two different sides of the world.
This is a story of how strange women and agents of the devil are finding their ways into the bedroom of unsuspecting Christian men.

It’s a true-life story of a Christian man and husband (Bobby Tamor, the careless womanizer-friend of Steve Davies in The Prostitute novel) who endured and fought off violent and horrible spiritual battles with a wife who was a principal agent from the pit of hell

Watch and listen to the First chapter today

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Nigerian Christian romance novel: Thorns Inside the Rose
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