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Bad things started happening in Bayo’s life when his mother and father died in an air accident, when they were travelling to Paris.

His family relatives abandoned him and collected his parents’ property. All that was left was a one room apartment.

As a smart 12 – year old boy, he started working in a restaurant. With his meagre salary of 8000, he saved up to the amount needed for his tuition fees.

He encountered many problems in life like the breakup of his girlfriend, the inability of him to pay his bills and so on.

Bayo also loved music. When his parents were alive, he always had music lessons.

He dropped out of school and decided to make his own album. The song soon became popular. And soon enough he had enough money to travel to America and further his education.

Lesson: There is no Star without a Scar. If you want to see the Rainbow, learn to cope with the Rain.

Story by Abigael Ogunotade. An 11 year old girl. She loves writing short and long stories. She has a dream to write lots of books that will help lots of people achieve their God-given destinies and tondo the will of God. You can contact her through NowNowBooks here

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No star without a scar (children’s stories series)
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