Freelancing services (Freelancer Guide)

NowNow Books Freelancing Services consist of the following sections for now:

  • Article Writing
  • Ebook Writing
  • News Report Writing
  • Design/Skills services

Article Writing/News Report Writing

  • You are expected to produce between 500 to 2000 word articles on different topics that will be assigned to you.
  • You are expected to follow an article description guide (style guide) that will be given to you for any writing assignment.
  • You are not expected to copy verbatim similar articles online. (Note: We will use Copyscape to screen articles you submit. If we discover you have copied an article verbatim somewhere, we will send the article back to you for editing.)
  • You expected to use similar ideas online to produce fresh articles.
  • You are expected to meet the deadline that will be given to you for each assignment. Failure to meet deadlines on two consistent occasions will reduce your chances of getting more jobs from us.
  • You are expected to proofread your articles before sending them to us.
  • You are expected to format the article appropriately. Note: The style guide will show you how and what you are to do in this case for every assignment.

Payment Process

  • We always offer a fix and variable fee for each assignment. That is, each assignment given to you will show how much we are ready to pay for each. Note: You have a right to accept or reject any assignment within 24 hours of receiving our email invite for the job.
  • We pay you after we have received the article from you and we are sure there is no editing to be done and you have followed all guidelines for the assignment.
  • Usually, we will pay you 24 hours after you have received our email that clears your work as perfect and completed. Note: The email will come with the headline: “Congrats: Your work is complete!” However, if you have to edit an article, the email headline will read: “Oops: You have an edit to do!”
  • We pay by transferring your money into your bank account with us which you must have supplied during your registration. (Note: Your account number must have the same name you have registered with us as a freelancer.)

Registration and Test Processes

There are 4 registration and test steps you must take to become fully registered with NowNow Books Freelancing service and before you begin to get writing jobs from us.

  • Visit NowNow Member to register as an official member of NowNow Books.
  • Visit Freelancer Form to fill the freelancer form, Note: On this form, you will have to fill in accurate information like (WhatsApp number, Phone number, Email, bank account, and name, etc.) We will reject your application if you don’t fill in accurate information.
  • The next step is for you go through our first test. You will have to read and study the NowNow Books Article-Writing Guide. This guide will be sent to you after you have completed the first steps above. (Note: You have only 3 days to study this guide and email us to inform us so that we can send the article test to you).
  • The last step is for you to demonstrate what you have read from the guide in step 3 above. You will be given an article assignment to see how you can follow guidelines. (Note: The test article is usually a 500 words articles/ News report and we don’t pay for the test article.)

If we are satisfied with your performance, we will send a congratulations message to you and register you fully as a NowNow Books Freelancer. We will only assign works to those who are fully registered as freelancers with us (that is, those who fully gone through the 4 steps above).

Note: If you don’t pass our test, we will email you to let you know what you have done wrong and give you a second chance.

Rating Process

We rate you for every job you do and we send you the rating after every completed job that you receive payment. You have to ensure you do each job diligently following strict guidelines from the Style Guide for each assignment.

Your average rating per time will always determine how we assign jobs to you.

Other Points to Note

  • For every article you successfully completed, you must not use it anywhere.
  • You must ensure you respond to our email for jobs within 24 hours or else the job will be assigned to another freelancer. (Note: Ensure you supply an email you check regularly when filling the freelancer form and registering on NowNow Books).
  • You must ensure you abide by our rules and regulations at all times. You must also agree to our terms and privacy policy.


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