Online manuscript publishers

If you want online manuscript publishers where you can submit your manuscripts for publication, then you are on the right article.

We have received lots of emails and Whatsapp messages from authors who want us to accept their manuscripts for publication.

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Sarefat Vision Publishing is not an online manuscript publisher

We are sorry. At Sarefat Vision Publishing, we don’t accept manuscript for publication. That is, we are not online manuscript publishers. We only help and assist authors and publishers to get their books published and marketed online at a fee.

But if you want online manuscript publishers, you will be able to find important information here on how to achieve your aims and objectives.


Who are online manuscript publishers?

Online manuscript publishers are publishing firms who invite authors to submit their manuscripts for publication in their publishing stable.

Usually, your manuscript will undergo professional scrutiny to see if it fits what they invest money upon for publication on their stable.

If it does not, then your manuscript is rejected. Too bad. But that doesn’t mean you should not give them a trial especially if you don’t want to go through the process of Publishing your books yourself.

Some online manuscript publishers can also outrightly buy your manuscript if it has quality they desire.

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How to find online manuscript publishers

You can find online manuscript publishers by doing a search on Google search. You can also find literary journal blogs online.

Usually, these types of blogs will be filled with information on online manuscript publishers that are available. You can also go ahead to subscribe to their email newsletters if they have one in place on their websites or blogs (most of them have this in place).

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Authors Publish Blog

A good place to find online manuscript publishers who accept literary journals and manuscripts is the Authorpublish blog.

Please check out a sample post in their blog below:


22 Manuscript Publishers That Are Open to Submissions for Writers

Some publishers open and close their doors to submissions on a routine basis. It can be hard to determine if they are open or shut to submissions, and when you should submit.

The following publishers, however, are always open to submissions from writers without agents or previous publishing experience. All of these publishers meet our guiding principles. All of our reviews link to the publishers’ submission guidelines.

Please read the whole of the posts on finding publishers that accept literary journals and manuscripts 

Online manuscript publishers
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