Online marketing for books
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Online marketing for books has gained much acceptance since the internet and the social media have become more advanced and have become parts of our daily lives as human beings. Improved technology has also helped the cause of the use of online marketing for books among authors and publishers.

At our company and on this platform, we have used the power of online marketing to give maximum publicity for our books and that of our clients. Over the years, we have sold lots of books using internet marketing.

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What is online marketing for books?

Online marketing for books is simply the use of the internet, social media and technology to market and sell books (whether ebooks or paperback books).

Our company, Zarepath Publishing and NowNowBooks online bookstore are technology-powered organizations. We leverage the internet and technology to build our businesses and interact effectively with the people and the community.

How we do online marketing for your books

In case you want us to do online marketing for your books, these are the stages we follow to do online marketing for books.

1st stage of online marketing for books 

1. A search engine optimized article or page for you book on People can always search certain keywords on Google to find your book details. This article will be permanent on our blog . It won’t be removed. We will give you the link to this page and you can always share it with your friends too.

2. We will put a classified ad on the front pages and blog posts of our website at for two weeks.

3. We send a special email advert to our newsletter subscribers of over 5000 for your book.

4. We post an advert for your book on our social media platforms for a one day.

The cost of this first promotion is N 7500.

If you want more advanced online marketing for your book, we can go to the second stage.

2nd Stage for online marketing for books 

1. We run a Facebook ad for your book for 5 days. You may request for more days depending on your budget.

2. We run an Instagram advert for your book for 5 days or depending on your budget.

3. We run a Google advert for your book.

4. We do a teaching video for your book and post on YouTube. We can also run an advert on YouTube for the video.

5. We run an advert for your book in established email newsletters of organization like Okadabooks or Success Digest etc.

The cost of this second stage service will be determined by the choice(s) you make above. Please contact us here or send a Whatsapp message to our hotline 08034300979.

Offline Marketing for books

We can also set up a sales team for the promotion of your printed books offline. We believe a good and well balanced marketing strategy for books should comprise both online and offline marketing strategies.

For more details of how we do offline marketing for books, please contact us here or send a Whatsapp message to our hotline 08034300979.

Online marketing for books
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