Overcoming temptations as a youth
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Do you want to overcome temptations as a youth or as a Christian? These two bestselling guides will help you in overcoming temptations as a youth and as Christian.


How to Overcome Sin and Temptation

Practical descriptions of how to stop sinning against God (Bible Short Reports)

If you have wondered why you still keep on sinning against God despite the fact that you don’t want to, then you need to read this complete guide on how to overcome sin and temptation. If you still wonder why the sin problem has remained with humanity till today, then you need to check out this interesting guide.

If you want to read the practical and easy-to-understand explanations and descriptions of how the sin problem came into the scene in the first place, then this guide is for you.

Do you want to see the simple explanation of how you can have the power to overcome that sinful habit that has always put you under its control every now and then? Click the image below to buy in Amazon. You can also contact Zarepath Publishing on call or WhatsApp to buy 08034300979.

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How to Worry Less and Pray More

What to do when you worry too much (Bible Short Reports)

Have you found yourself daily struggling to overcome worry and anxiety? Do you find it difficult obeying all the promises of God about you because you have allowed these two “enemies” to destroy your confidence in the Word of God?

This is surely an interesting time for everyone in our world. There is so much in our world today that can force anyone to go on the worry lane. But with the negative results and consequences that follow excessive worry, can we afford to leave this problem unattended to or unchecked?

No, We should not! We need to find sure and effective solutions to this problem.

According to reports, over 49 million adults in the US are affected by this problem. About 1.5 million people in Nigeria are also affected by excessive worry. A good percentage of this belongs to the productive group of the population.

If excessive worrying is not stopped, it will continue to negatively affect the productivity of this group of people.

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Overcoming temptations as a youth
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