How to make passive income from writing

How to make passive income from writing should appeal to you as an author. I strongly believe that is applicable to you. Now almost everyone wants to live the life they desire to live and also have all the freedom they could have.

To so many who are employees, their joy is always when they will be able to see themselves make a good living without having to resume at a boring office every Monday morning. An interesting stats shows that “50 percent of Americans will opt for freelancing in the next 10 years.” It is presently at 34%. This stats surely have some significance to Nigeria and any other country in our world.

Passive Income from Writing

I have written this piece to show you how I have created financial passive income for myself by tapping into the writing gift that I have. I am a self-published author and I am proud today that I have been able to create a passive income stream with my writings.

How to make passive income from writing

Oh, I believe I should inform you that I am also the CEO and Chief Strategist at – this very website where you are reading this. The website is an extension of my writing and self-publishing business.

I believe I am qualified to write this post, How to make passive income from writing, for you to benefit from. Here below is one of my sales snapshots at Amazon:

How to Make Passive Income from Writing

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What Can You Learn Here?

What do I want you to learn from this post and this page?

Of course, I am not just using this to tell you all about myself and achievements but I want to:

  1. Show you that you can also create passive income with your writings.
  2. Help you to see some of the writing and self-publishing strategies I have used to arrive at where I am today.
  3. Give you access to some secrets the top authors are using to sell lots of books.
  4. Motivate you to rise and begin to write, self publish books and also make more money.

Now let us go into the meat of this article.

My first Step Into Self Publishing

Yeah, my very first step was some funny articles I wrote after I graduated from school – they were Christian articles. I just picked my pen and a piece of paper and I began to write. I must tell you they were very funny articles. I still have these articles today right there on the old piece of paper where I wrote them (you wont believe that because that was some 15 good years ago).

Action tip: If you have never started fanning the flame of your writing yet, you just need to start this way- pick up your pen or get on your computer and begin to write immediately. The truth is that you will get better with time. I got better. I laugh when I read those articles today compared to what I write today.

Some years after that experience, I jumped into the real writing where I decided to write a book on mathematics success for students. I called it Silly Mistakes in Mathematics. You see I was teaching math and I began to see the silly errors my students were making.  I was noting these errors until I felt it was time for me to put them together in a book.

Action tip: You should start your writing experience by attempting to write in an area where you have the experience. This will help you so much at this stage. When you write your experience, you will be motivated to keep on the work until you finish it.

I spent some time to put this book together. When I finished, I packaged it as an ebook and took the decision to start selling it. I put up a classified advert in a national daily in my country to do so. The many calls I received from this exercise strengthened me to go ahead to self publish it locally in my country.

This book has sold in the thousands today locally in my country and is also on the Amazon store.

Here again, is one of my sales charts at Amazon:

how to make passive income with your books


I Took It Up from There

When I surprisingly observed how people accepted my first self-published writing, I was encouraged and I decided to take this success further up the ladder.

Action tip: If you will really create a passive income from your writings, you don’t need to rest on your oars. You must leave yesterday’s achievements and move forward. Look for a way to do something better. Look for a way to write more, self publish more books, write better, increase marketing and more.

My decision to do more really opened me up to more opportunities and information in this industry. I began to write more educational content and also moved more strongly into the Christian motivational and personal development niche.

You see when you write consistently you will begin to get a feel of where you actually belong. That is, you begin to discover your strong areas which will lead you to the niche or market you can concentrate your writings.


Embraced the Internet and Technology

How to make passive income from writing

I did not leave out technology as  I set up my first blog on this niche and began to write lots of articles for my blog. The more I write the more I got better and the more I was becoming more confident to make a success of my writing business.

The use of technology and the Internet really encouraged me. It brought convenience and speed and  I began to use the Internet more.  I discovered more self-publishing platforms online and learned how to format my books for publication on these platforms.

This practice has been the big lift that my self-publishing business needed to help my drive to make passive income with my writings.

The online self-publishing platforms that have of great use to me have been Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, Lulu, and Drafts2Digital.

Note: You may also need to see one of my sales snapshots at Smashwords:

how to sell ebooks smashwords

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You Need the Social Media

I have also maintained a strong social media presence.

I will advise you to register and claim an account at Amazon Author Central. This is almost a necessity for every author who publishes on Amazon.  Set it up effectively to drive traffic to your books on Amazon. Check out Sesan Oguntade for my own author central page.

I will also advise that you take advantage of platforms like Facebook groups. Join the right Facebook group which has lots of members and get committed posting good relevant posts. You should ensure that your profile is set up well to show links to platforms where you have your books.

Group members who enjoy your posts can send you a friend request and also check out your profile to read more about you.

Action tip: You should understand that you must leverage the power of technology and the Internet today. The social media and the Internet are the real deal today. It may be any other tomorrow but with today’s world, you will not be able to do well if you don’t leverage technology.


Work On My First Christian Book

I was on an online forum when I discovered this long thread on a topic on how t stop masturbation. Having gone through the lengthy discussions and because I know that every case of addiction is as a result of the mind not functioning the way it should function, I decided to write a simple solution on this topic.

Action tip: If you want to succeed as an author you must learn to carry out good researches into problem areas in your niche or market. The Internet presents the best opportunities for you to do this. There are lots of tools and ways to do this online. You need to check out 7 ways to find new niche online

Action tip: Joining online forums in your own niche can be a very rewarding task for you as an author. The discussions will show you present hot problems areas in your niche. You can note them, carry out more researches and then write a book that will solve these problems.

Oh good glory to God I did that. This ebook, You can Stop Masturbation … became a big success on the estores. It is still selling very well today. The Story Angle of You Can Stop Masturbation

At this stage, I would like to show you what I discovered that made this book to be a fair success on the estores. When I took a decision to write this ebook solution to stopping masturbation from the Christian perspective, I decided to use a story illustration to show the main problem areas with people who get hooked on this habit or any addiction problem.

The story illustration shows how the mind of people are workshops or factories that needed the right raw materials and tools used in them to produce good products or services. Readers fell in love with this story illustration and some even sent emails to me expressing their admiration for it.

I also used this subtitle in the first edition of the book – a story illustration shows you how.

Action tip: When I revised this ebook, I also decided to include simple charts and diagrams explaining important principles in the book. I wanted them to complement the good works the story did in the book.

You will need to use these types of additions in your books. People want book contents they can easily relate with and which can readily give them the information they desire from your books without them spending hours to figure it out.

This can greatly increase how your books are marketed with the word of mouth by your readers without you spending a dime.

I called these types of additions ‘life’ materials in one of my ebooks, How to make your books appeal to readers

Its is available on the Amazon store at Appeal to readers

Another sales snapshots from Smashwords below:

sell ebooks amazon

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 I Began to Read More and Write More

After these personal successes at the early stage of my writing business, I began to study more information about this business. I was also writing more articles and writing more books. I also discovered more publishing platforms online.

With more books on more publishing platforms, and more marketing I was making more sales.

Though I am still on a journey as I have not really reached my set goals of income from my book sales, I believe it is just a short time before the sky becomes bluer for me.

My sales snapshots on Smashwords so far in the year 2019:

sell ebooks online

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Action tip
In case you want to see some of my other books live on the estores, you can just check them out at my estore pages:

Amazon Author Page
Smashwords Author Page
Lulu Author Page

How to Make Passive Income from Writing: How I Have Done It
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