Payoneer receiving accounts
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Payoneer receiving accounts policy has changed from Payoneer. I believe this post should be of interest to you if you are planning to register for a Payoneer account to find US, UK, and Canadian bank accounts that you use to accept payment on Amazon or online.

We had to take some time off to carry out a due investigation when we began to receive lots of emails and complaints from authors who registered for a Payoneer account but who couldn’t find their Payoneer receiving accounts in the activated Payoneer account.

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What is Payoneer receiving accounts?

Payoneer receiving accounts are bank accounts from Payoneer given to registered Payoneer account holders to receive payment online from online stores. The bank accounts are in the US, UK, CAN, etc.

With the Payoneer receiving accounts, you can use them to receive payment from online stores like Amazon, Udemy, etc.

This is particularly very useful to authors from this part of the world to receive eBook royalties from Amazon since Amazon does not do direct bank deposits into Nigerian-based bank accounts.

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Issues with Payoneer receiving bank accounts 

In our organization here at Zarepath Publishing, we help authors self-publish their books on Amazon. So in the process of publishing these ebooks, we guide authors through the process of opening Payoneer accounts.

We always assure them that having a Payoneer account is the surest way for them to receive their ebook royalties from Amazon in Nigeria. Well, we were having it smooth until we began to receive lots of complaints from authors about not finding their Payoneer receiving accounts in their activated Payoneer account.

We took action to find out the reason why this is so and we found out what you are about to read in the remaining part of this post on Payoneer receiving accounts.

The tutorial below is the transcript of my discussion on one of our WhatsApp groups for Authors on this topic. Please enjoy it.

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A new policy from Payoneer 

This tutorial is what we have discovered about Payoneer new policies on receiving accounts. In the past, you will always automatically find receiving accounts in the US, UK, CAN, etc. in your Payoneer account after your account has been activated.

But the new policies have changed this. The reason why lots of Nigerians are having problems getting their receiving accounts.

Remember they need receiving accounts, especially a US bank account to enter into their dashboard on Amazon KDP.

From our investigation, you now need to make at least $50 in your Payoneer account to get receiving accounts. But how do you make money in your account when you don’t have receiving accounts in the first place? I will get to that soon.


Payoneer alternative


First, let me tell you what we discovered some months ago while we were naturally searching for Payoneer alternatives. We discovered formerly offer the same services of issuing out receiving accounts.

We have an account with them that we have not been using so I logged into the account to see. Then…

I noticed you must make $50 in your account before you can have receiving accounts. So this new policy from Payoneer has been in existence with

Now let me inform you. The internet is just like that. Policies change every time and every day. The reason we always try to look for alternatives all the time.

Remember the tutorial I taught here about alternatives to Amazon? That’s what it means to sell online 😃


Now, what can we do as Nigerians?

First look at the images sent to me by someone who is now in this group. He got that in his account to confirm the new changes from Payoneer:

Payoneer receiving accounts

Payoneer bank account

Those pictures clearly show something has changed at Payoneer.

So what do we do as authors who want to receive eBook royalties on Amazon and who are just opening new Payoneer accounts?


Receiving payments alternative to Payoneer

The following are the alternatives you have as a Nigerian author to receive your ebook royalties from Amazon:


Through a friend abroad

If you have a friend in the US or UK. I mean a trusted friend, let him or her open a US or UK bank account for you.

He or she can do it in his or her name. We were using this option many years ago.

But we got a trusted friend in America. I understand that trusted friends are difficult to find. Right? 🙁🙁🙁


Fund your Payoneer account

Fund your Payoneer account to the tune of $50. It’s still your money. After funding, you can then request your receiving accounts.

After your account is activated for receiving accounts, you can withdraw your money to your bank account in Nigeria.

Funding your Payoneer account in Nigeria 

You can always fund your Payoneer account through agents online. I will try to investigate a trusted agency that does that.

Many of you do not know that Payoneer works like PayPal. People who have a Payoneer account can fund their Payoneer account by just transferring funds to it without a receiving account.

They can do it through the app, or the website if they have the email address that you use to open the account.



You can also use too. But you have to follow the same process.

Opt for check payment from Amazon

I believe you won’t like this option. Opt for check payment from Amazon. But you have to wait for your royalty to reach $100, £100, etc before you can get your check-in in each currency. That’s a horrible option!?!🙁🙁🙁🙁

You should also consider the danger of a check missing in transit. And also the commission you will pay.

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Selling eBooks on Amazon

I hope I have done a good job here. But before you even begin to look for receiving accounts, why can’t you make the money first in your Amazon account? This is where marketing or learning how to sell on Amazon comes in.

When we started on Amazon, we had only the check option but we just continue to publish books and our royalties were accumulating.

When we struck the deal with my friend in the US, Amazon automatically paid all the accumulated royalties. In Amazon, your royalties can’t get lost 😃😃😃

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Payoneer receiving accounts: New policy explained
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