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The poverty in the land is so enormous that there is the for a conscious effort for poverty eradication in Nigeria by both the government, private enterprises, NGOs and individuals.

We recognized this need at Zarepath Publishing and NowNowBooks, we created the business and financial development category on this blog. You are presently reading one of the articles in this category.

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Introduction to poverty eradication in Nigeria 

Mono economy, poor infrastructure, low income, low saving, low investment among others are some features of a poor nation.

Nigerians are poor, poverty is everywhere. It is widely said that more than 60% of the country’s population are living on less than $1.00 a day.

Another statistics shows that close to 70% of Nigerians living in the rural areas are poor.

Yet the current Nigeria strategy target is to become one of the leading economics on the world by 2050. While the ambition cannot be faulted, what will be required is not the dream alone, but implementation of good policies.


Role of government in poverty eradication 

The government has a critical role to play in terms of poverty eradication. We need good governance that will provide the enabling environment, sound monetary and fiscal policy that will make poverty eradication in Nigeria become a reality rather than a mirage.

There are many causes of poverty, but as recognized by the economists in the final analysis, poverty exists because people are either unable to find work or earn little from the work they do.

Unemployment in Nigeria today is estimated at over sixty percent. So, any economic policies Nigeria pursues should be able to generate jobs. It is vital to put employment goals at the centre of our socio-economic policies.

Unless Nigeria make job creation a central national objective backed by time bound feasible and measurable policies, the country may well remain plagued by huge unemployment and poverty.


Skills acquisition should be the focus 

Skills acquisition, rather than certificate acquisition must be the main emphasis in eliminating unemployment. Employment in advanced societies is based on what you can do, not the kind of paper qualification that you have.

Vocational education must be taken with all seriousness to enhance skills acquisition and improve productivity. Our school curriculum should embrace and emphasize this instead of certificate acquisition.

I believe you loved this post on poverty eradication in Nigeria. You should be able to do your own bit to contribute to this initiative.

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Poverty eradication in Nigeria
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