Amazing Struggle: A Nigerian political novel



Alex Naran was a young man, a university graduate. He works at a carwash for a peanut due to the economic conditions of his country.

Among his clients was a Professor of political science. He helped Naran started a civil society movement. Later the movement metamorphosed into a political party after series of threats from President Momoh led~govt. Naran emerged as President~elect under their new party.

Struggling to change a political status quo involves running into fights with ruling elites. Naran suffered a lot from imprisonment to clashes with pro~govt protestants. In amazing

struggling, we saw how President and his cabal plan evil behind the curtain against any movement capable of overthrowing them.

As president~elect Naran chose to go kenya, an african country instead of Dubai or Paris. After swearing in, Naran administration was tested by unknown virus. But Naran as pro~active leader took some steps that led

to the cure of the virus that ravages some parts of his country.

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