Register a company with CAC Nigeria
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How to register a company with CAC Nigeria. This post is a picture guide of how to register a company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC Nigeria).


How to do a name search on CAC Nigeria

I am starting this series of this post with how to do a name search and to pay for it online. Before you can register a company with CAC Nigeria, you have to do s name search and pay for it.

After payment, CAC will check if the name is available for you to use. It it’s not available, they will give you suggestions on what to add or take away. They may even ask you to choose a different name entirely.

You have to ensure you do your personal search and research before you go ahead to do a name search on CAC portal. If you don’t and your name suggestions are rejected, you will have to pay for another cycle name of search.

Registering your business with the relevant authorities is needed and it has a lot of benefits. I will not be writing about the benefits of registering your business in Nigeria in this post.

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What is CAC Nigeria?

CAC Nigeria is the Corporate Affairs Commission which is responsible for the registration of business names and companies in Nigeria.

The registration of companies is now done online in a seamless way today. This is a far cry from what it used to be in the past where you have to go through many hurdles st the CAC office to register your business.


Step by step picture guide to register your company in Nigeria

The following is the step by step picture guide to register your company in Nigeria. Remember I said I am starting with how to do a name search on CAC portal:


Login to your account

I want to assume you have registered a pre registration account with CAC. If you have done that, you should register a CAC account here.

Register a company with CAC Nigeria







Click on New Company Registration at the bottom of the page above. You will see the page below where you are expected to complete a four-step process to do a name search. The first step is shown below:

Register a business in Nigeria


On the page below, you will fill in the proposed names for your company. You have two options. Though the second name is optional but I advise you to fill it in.

Do a name search on CAC Nigeria


The picture below shows the type of business you want to register. For the purpose of this post, you will choose, ‘Company’

Register your business online in Nigeria


























Register a company with CAC Nigeria
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