Publishing Secrets and Sales Bonanza
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Do you want to sell ebooks and earn commission? This is an opportunity for you to sell our eBooks, online courses, publishing and other web development services to earn 50% commission!

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Sell ebooks and earn commission: step by step guide

The following are the steps you must follow to sell ebooks and earn commission in our organization:

  1. We will send links that show most of our ebooks.
  2. You will be able to pick up the title and the description of each product on this page.
  3. You can start promoting any ebook or product you like using the description as guide to what the product is all about.
  4. When anyone pays you for any product, you will get in touch with us to deliver the product to the customer after you must paid our 50% to our account.


Price of each eBook and online course

You are to sell each eBook at N2000 and sell each online course at N3000.

You can also sell our services like book publishing online and offline, web and blog development, domain registration, hosting services, app development, ebook cover design, logo design.

You can also facilitate our seminars on Publishing, book marketing, blogging, web development, Search engines optimization (SEO).

We will discuss the percentage sharing ratio for the training and seminars.

The first link

Link to one of our book pages:

Another link to our Christian and faith books:

Our online courses can be found here:

If you are interested, you can contact us by email 

You can also contact through WhatsApp 08034300979

Sell ebooks and earn commission
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