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We are happy to inform you that NowNow books, the leading online bookstore in Nigeria is opening up her store platform to you if you want to sell your own books and information products.


Sell Your Ebooks/E-Products

How to Make Educational Games

(This applies to any product that can be downloaded online).


  1. Visit here to upload your book details. (browser opens in another window). ***Note: Read the remaining instructions below before visiting that publishing page. You can also send your book details to WhatsApp: 08034300979. Or contact us
  2. We will write a short, search engines compatible description of what your ebook is all about (about 3 or 4 short paragraphs). We will include the necessary researched keywords.
  3. We will design a book cover for your ebook (625 widths by 1000 pixels height)
  4. When we receive your uploaded book details to sell on our platform we will check your submission to ensure it meets NowNow Books Quality Standard. You should read details of this here to see what we expect ebooks and e-products to have before we approve them for sale on our platform.
  5. You will supply us with your bank details during application and personal contact information.
  6. When your ebook/information product meets our quality standard, we will publish and list it on our online bookstore available for purchase. The Publishing cost is N5000.
  7. The price for any ebook/ e-product on our platform should be N1000 or less. If you want a higher price, let us know.
  8. NowNowBooks takes 30% on each sale to cover i. our commission ii. VAT iii. Administrative charges.
  9. NowNow Books send an email alert to you each time you make a sale.
  10. We will; credit your bank account with us with money less than 30% after each sale. There is no minimum threshold! (If you want us to hold your payment until it reaches a particular amount, you can let us know.
  11. Listing your ebooks on our store, we give continuous promotion to your product in the following ways: i. we list it on the front page of our website on the first day of publishing it in our store. ii. We send it to our customer email database. iii. We announce it on our Social media platforms.

You can read an updated details on self-publishing ebooks on NowNowBooks 

How to Register and Upload your Book

Visit here to upload your book details. (browser opens in another window).

Note: You are also expected to give continuous promotion to your listed product on our platform to increase the chance of selling more products.

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Sell On NowNow Books
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