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Do you want SEO services for blogs to rank on Google? Your blogs or website can rank high on Google searches and other search engines with our exclusive SEO services (search engines optimization services).

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SEO services for blogs: How we do it

This is how we do SEO services for blogs:

1. We research important keywords or keyphrases for your blog. They keywords you can easily rank for on Google searches.

2. We update your blog pages for these keywords or keyphrases

3. You will create 30 articles for your blog and hand it over to us. We will optimize the articles and post them on your blog in a period of 4 weeks. We will also include relevant optimized images for each image.

4. You will write a new post and give it to us. We will optimize it and post it on one of our blogs that’s already ranking very well on Google. We will link back to your blog. This will provide a link juice to your new blog from an authority blog. It can also drag some traffic to your blog.

5. We will post links to your blog on our social media handles (if your contents is not abusive, or have illegal information or does not go against what we stand for). This is another link juice to your blog.

6. We will post once on our pages and groups on Facebook. You are expected to continue posting the various links to your Facebook profile and groups.


Cost of our search engines optimization services for websites

The cost of our search engines optimization services is N22500.

Note: You will have continue to post articles on your blog yourself after we have posted the first 30 articles to maintain it.

We can also help you with this. But we will be doing that at N1000 per article.

Note: Ranking in Google takes time and effort but if we do all I have mentioned above and the blog is maintained, you should begin to see your blog ranking high on Google searches for specific keywords and key phrases within two to three months.

SEO services for blogs to rank on Google
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