Is Your Child Struggling With Mathematics?

A mathematics book

Do you shake with fear when it is time for your child to write another mathematics exam?

Do you know that one of the major causes of student’s poor performance in mathematics is their poor foundation in the subject.

It is likely:

1. As a parent you had a terrible time with math and you just allowed that to rub off on your child at his or her early ages.

2. That Nursery/Primary school teacher was poor in math and he or she did a bad job at those early years of your child’s school.

So your child was not well tutored on the basic foundational topics like:

1. Bodmas
2. Addition and subtraction of fractions and decimal numbers.
3. Long divison.
4. LCM and HCF.
5. Indices and logarathms.
6. And more…

This error or poor foundation is now impacting negatively on your child’s performance in the subject.

The Solution is Here

Silly Mistakes in Mathematics was prepared to help correct your child’s foundational errors in math.

This book guide:

1. Identifies common errors of students in math.
2. Identifies likely questions where students make errors (these were discovered from the author’s observation while practically teaching math in the class).
3. Gives possible wrong solution to the math problems by students.
4. Gives the right solutions to the math problems.
5. Compared the result of the wrong solution with the right solution in a very simple and interactive comment after each question.
6. Gives practice questions under each topic.

Your Child Surely Needs this Guide

How to Get a Copy
1. Ebook version (N1000) ( to be delivered to your email). You can print it out and bind so that your child can use it. Buy via paystack

2. Paperback version (2500) (to be delivered by courier). You will have to pay for courier. Buy via paystack

Note: Paystack is a secure and leading payment platform in Nigeria. Your details are safe.

Exclusive Bonuses

If you are part of the 1st 50 to order Silly Mistakes in Mathematics, you will receive these bonuses:

1. How to parent your child in the boarding school

2. How your child can avoid cultism traps in the University.

Other Payment Option

Bank : GTB

Name : Zarepath Publishing

Account Number : 0424316900

Please call Ola on 070663600364 for more information.

Zarepath Publishing/NowNow Books…distributing problem- solving books

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