Sons of the prophet

Sons of the Prophet book will reveal the mysteries behind spiritual mentorship that can help you fulfill your destiny.


What does the Bible say about Spiritual Mentoring?

How can you benefit from the ministry of prophets? What is the prophet offering? What did Prophet Elisha receive from Prophet Elijah when he was taken away from him?

How can all these help you fulfill your God-given purpose on earth?


Sons of the Prophet book: Deep secrets revealed 

Sons of the prophet

The deep secrets about spiritual mentoring are revealed in this book, Sons of the Prophet. God’s Spirit has shared these deep secrets with me for many years now.

It started with a statement by Dr. David Oyedepo, President of one of the fastest-growing Pentecostal churches in the world, the Living Faith Church Worldwide, in a sermon many years ago.

More revelations from the Holy Spirit of God have poured in over the years and this book is a masterful compilation of these biblical discoveries.


What the Sons of the Prophet book will teach you 

This book project will help you to:

  • See the many benefits of the Prophet-Son relationship.
  • Take away the spirit of pride and arrogance from your life as a Minister of the gospel, a Pastor, or a Christian.
  • Find the power that will give you speed in life, business, career, or ministry.
  • Learn the submission and the humility that is needed to take you to great heights on this earth.
  • Discover the secrets that can help find the right spiritual mentors
  • Know fake or false prophets


Ministry of Dr. David Oyedepo 

This book investigated the ministry of Dr. David Oyedepo, his mentors, and his sons in the Lord, compared their results and influence over the years, and checked out how the Prophet-Son relationship has helped all of them to record similar and outstanding achievements over the years.

Most importantly, the Word of God was used as a basis of analysis to present the discoveries and information in this book.

You have everything to gain in this book. I am assuring you that your life, ministry, career, or business will not remain the same after you have read this book.

Get your copy today.


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Sons of the Prophet

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