If you want to know more about the illustrious ministry of Apostle Paul, then this guide is just right for you.

The scriptural revelations and the research reports included in this guide on the life and ministry of Paul, the Apostle will help you to gain more insight and wisdom about the Christian faith.

Paul’s teaching could be described as the gateway to the development of Christianity till today and he died as a Martyr.
Apostle Paul (formerly Saul) considered himself least of the Apostles chosen last and after the twelve Apostles, but as a Preacher, he was greater than any of them all. He considered himself not worthy to be an Apostle because of his past persecutions of the Church (1 Tim 1:1-16).

This guide will also show you how Paul’s teaching and lifetime both socially and religiously affect the present-day Christian’s life.

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  1. Wow ! this is must read for every Christian. Apostle Paul really made himself available for Jesus use to the people(Christian’s) of his time and now.

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