Law of liberty

A systematic summary of biblical commandments
If You Want a Systematic Summary of Biblical Injunctions or Commandments, then you have them adequately presented in this ebook guide.

Law of liberty

The Bible is a book of Life that consists of two distinct covenants known as the Old Testament and New Testament respectively. Both covenants are collections of sixty – six (66) Books.

These books contain many divine injunctions uttered for the spiritual and physical growth and the development of the eternal creator. These injunctions are supernatural laws, charges, precepts, and commands bound to be obeyed by all humans no matter the religious proves or bigotry or academic standard, or social status.

The only link that God uses to regulate our conducts and characters are these injunctions as failure to abide in them as revealed in this passage above there is nothing anyone can achieve. Without them, the branch cannot produce fruit and there can be no cleansing and sanctification of lives.

I want you to have this short ebook guide as part of your library. This book will help you to discover the true meanings of the biblical commandments that can help you to live successfully and effectively as a Christian.

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The Perfect Law of Liberty

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