There lived a man who had two sons. The oldest of the two sons was very hard-working. He helped his father in all his businesses.

The younger one was kind of extravagant.

One day, He did a very weird thing.
“Dad, I want to tell you a very important thing”, he paused. “Dad I want my portion of your estate before you die.” He looked at his toes.
“What,what do you mean son,” He looked surprised. After some time, his Dad succumbed.
Not many days after, he gathered all that he had and went to a very far away country and wasted his money on prostitutes and riotous living.
As you would expect, his pocket went dry. In the country, a very high inflation arose and he began to be in demand.
He went to a farmer who took care of pigs. He was so hungry that he wanted to eat the pig’s food. One day, he sat down and thought,
“The chefs, butlers, maids, drivers and all my dad’s servants have enough to eat and here I am wallowing in hunger.”
So he traveled back to his father but when it was still far behind, his father ran to him and hugged him instead of reproving him.
He commanded a beautiful dress, shoes and ring and of course a fat cow. The youngest son ate so much food that he was not able to walk. His father threw a party.
The oldest son came home from one of his father’s businesses only to find out what happened. He was very angry.
What do you expect? His father came out and after listening to what his son said. He said, “Son, all that I have is yours. Your brother was dead, now he is alive, he was lost and now he’s found. Don’t be angry.”
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