Christian romance novel
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A story of evil inside love.

Bobby Tamor, (the careless womanizer-friend of Steve Davies in The Prostitute novel) who endured and fought off violent and horrible spiritual battles with a wife who was a principal agent from the pit of hell.

Christian romance novel

This story, told in a fictional form, is actually a true-life story and it reveals how principal agents of the devil are finding their ways into the bedrooms, homes, and marriages of unsuspecting and careless Christian men.

Bobby Tamor voted for and embraced the careless love for a strange woman who ended up becoming a snare to his life and home. What happened to this strange union?

Did Bobby find help in this strange union?
Did Bobby endure the ugly relationship to save his strange wife?
Did Bobby survive the horrible events that followed his choice of a wife from the other side of the world?
What roles did Bobby’s closest friends (Steve and Serena Davies) play in the whole scenario?
Did love win again as it did in the case of Steve Davies who married a notorious prostitute in The Prostitute novel?

Find out more in this story of love turned sour.

Definitely, Christian singles and even married couples have a lot to gain from this interesting story. There can indeed be plenty of strange thorns inside the rose!

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Thorns Inside the Rose (a Christian romance novel)
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