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These top 5 online bookstores in Nigeria post will show you the online stores in Nigeria where you can buy books.

Indeed, online bookstores in Nigeria have revolutionized the way people discover, purchase, and enjoy books, just as it is all around the world.

These platforms have brought about a multitude of positive changes, making books more accessible and convenient for readers, while also benefiting authors and the publishing industry as a whole.

While there are several online bookstores in Nigeria today, we will be exploring certain prominent ones whose significance cannot be overstated. 

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Profiles of Top 5 Online Bookstores In Nigeria 


  1. NowNowBooks: an online bookstore in Nigeria 

First and foremost is NowNowBooks. Founded by Sesan Oguntade, here is an innovative online bookstore in Nigeria that has been around for some time now.

The online bookstore platform boasts itself in its commitment to the development of anyone who uses any of its services, which is pretty impressive. 

On NowNowBooks, anyone can conveniently get great books they can read on different topics, and even authors can get their books published with great ease.

NowNowBooks, which is one of the top online bookstores in Nigeria has opened up new avenues for authors, especially independent and self-published writers. Anyone can easily publish and distribute their works online without relying on traditional publishing houses. 

Here is the website of NowNowBooks


  1. Roving Heights 

Founded by three siblings – Adedotun Eyinade, Oluwatobi Eyinade, and Adebola Eyinade, Roving Heights is another great online bookstore where you can get different types of books on different topics – business books, fiction, children’s books, etc.

The significance of Roving Heights goes beyond convenience, they have also made literature accessible to a wider and more diverse audience in Nigeria. 

Here is its website


  1. Spine and Label

Spine and Label has been helping in fostering a culture of reading in this digital age and ensuring that books remain an integral part of our lives in Nigeria. It doesn’t only deal in books, but you can also get other accessories like school supplies for students

Like the other online bookstores here, you can enjoy a great deal of convenience, as you can browse, purchase, and download books from the comfort of your home or on the go. Hence, as a book lover, you don’t have to visit physical bookstores.

You can visit Spine and Label’s website here –


  1. The 1k Bookstore 

The 1k Bookstore tries to differentiate itself by brandishing books that are cheap. The aim is, irrespective of what you have, you should be able to get a book without complaining of high prices. It is also important to add that they sell books of different categories too. 

On The 1k Bookstore, you can easily download interesting e-books and carry an entire library in your pocket. Here is its website –


  1. Laterna Books

Of course, Laterna Books is a strong brand when it comes to the business of book importation and distribution in Nigeria. The bookstore has been around for many years now since it came into the scene as far back as 1996, and it can now boast of a wide online reach, with vendors in different parts of the country. 

At Laterna Books, you can get different types of books, such as Bibles, business books, Christian books, etc. While the platform is famous for its sales of books, you can also shop for stuff like Educational Toys, Gift Items, Gift Bags, etc.

You can check out Laterna Books online on its website –


In Conclusion about top 5 online bookstores in a Nigeria

Here are some of the top online bookstores in Nigeria that can be easily recommended due to the reputation they have built throughout the years.

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Top 5 online bookstores in Nigeria
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