how to succeed as a self publisher of books
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The top Nigerian book publishing companies are profiled on this page. We will be updating this post as we find more book publishing companies in Nigeria from our research.

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Are there book publishing companies in Nigeria?

There are book publishing companies in Nigeria. We have some quality Nigerian book publishing companies that can be of great use for your book printing works.

Agreed, there are some substandard ones and I advise you to be very careful when you want to decide on printing your books in  Nigeria or finding a publishing company in Nigeria.

But you don’t need to worry so much as this post will continue to update you with the required information on the top Nigerian book publishing companies that can help with your publishing and book printing needs.

Now, let’s go to the first on the list:


Top Nigerian book publishing companies 

The following are the top Nigerian book publishing companies:

Zarepath Publishing

Of course, the first on the list of top Nigerian book publishing companies is our publishing and printing company – Zarepath Publishing 

Zarepath Publishing is a very efficient and very inexpensive Nigerian Publishing company. This company is also author-friendly. You will find out the reason why Zarepath Publishing is Nigeria’s most author-friendly book publishing and book printing company very soon in this post.

Zarepath Publishing owns, the most exciting online bookstore in Nigeria

The following are the processes Zarepath followed to print books for authors in Nigeria and to make the whole process author-friendly.

1. Book work stage:  This is where we do the layout of the book and also the cover of the book. We charge you for this difference.

2. Print 1000 copies and above: After the bookwork, we will then analyze and tell you the cost per book depending on the number of copies you want to print. We advise you to print 1000 copies and above to lower the cost per book. Though, you can also print lesser copies.

Take it stage by stage: We always advise you to take it one stage per time. It’s like building a house. You do the foundation, then you build to window level, etc. Let us look at the summary of the different stages below:

  • Typing of the book
  • Editing of the book
  • Book work. I described this above. Here, we arrange your book in book format on Corel draw.
  • Cover work or design. This is also part of the bookwork. This is when we design your book cover in Corel draw.
  • Making of printing plates. This is when we put your arranged book and designed cover on plates ready for printing.
  • Printing paper. This is when we purchase printing paper and cover cards to print your book and cover. This part is the most costly of the stages.
  • Run impression. This is the stage we will ask our printer to use the plates to run impressions on your paper and cover cards.
  • Finishing work. This is when we put the printed book pages together, laminate them, and do the final finishing work.
  • We deliver your books to you after you have paid our service fee.

At Zarepath Publishing, we advise authors to go through the stages one by one if they don’t have all the money at once. Most authors look at the total money at the beginning and they don’t usually go ahead to print their books.

You should notice that no publisher will disclose all the information above to you. That’s the special way we help authors to become published authors.

Contact Zarepath Publishing to begin the process by sending an email to us here

or send a WhatsApp message to 08034300979.

This post will be updated to include more top Nigerian Publishing companies.


Frequently Asked Questions About Nigerian Book Publishing Companies

The following are the frequently asked questions about Nigerian book publishing companies:


What are Nigerian book publishing companies?

Nigerian book publishing companies are Nigerian Publishing firms that carry out the business activities of Publishing of books and other printing related services.


Are Nigerian Publishing firms also printing companies?

Not all Nigerian Publishing firms run printing impressions. Though most of them, like our Publishing firm, Sarefat Vision Publishing, do both book publishing and run printing impressions.


Do Nigerian Publishing companies do online Publishing?

Most Nigerian Publishing companies now do online Publishing. With the advent and popularity of online Publishing these days, most Publishing companies in Nigeria now offer online Publishing.

Amazon Publishing is now very popular with Nigerian authors. Most Nigerian authors want their books published and sold on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. This situation has made many Nigerian Publishing firms to offer online Publishing services.

Our Publishing company has helped lots of authors to get their books published on Amazon over the years. We even hand over our best selling online course to these published authors where they can learn the simple practices of selling ebook on Amazon.

To enjoy this service, please call or Whatsapp 08034300979






Top Nigerian book publishing companies
Do you want to print your books in Nigeria at a Budget? Zarepath Publishing can help you to do it step by step. Read this post to start printing your book at any financial level you are presently. Learn hiw we have used this to print many hooks for our company and fir clients 

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