twist of amateurs
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I am enthralled to write this foreword not only because Paulinus A Okechukwu is a friend or a fellow writer, but also because I believe deeply in the educative value and knowledge for all students, parents, and most especially insights in the society and the world at large. I also believe that students and every man dreaming of a glorious future can focus on their careers by learning from the story presented/ told in this book.

Many books have been written by great writers, but no matter how great the books were/are they minister different insights to the soul. This book minister another perception to the world and most especially presents why students especially need to carefully journey through the alluring world.

How the author mixed happiness with sadness to create a mixed-emotion, worth commending not to mention how a shining desire became a thing not to remember. Life would surely come with what we desire, but we all need to be mindful of the time they show up- right timing is good and valuable. There are memories we continually die to remember whilst there are ones we never wish of recollecting, life may spare us a minute of joy, but if welcomed with hastiness, it may end up turning to lifetime sadness.

This book aims to remind the youths that hastiness does not only deprive them of learning in the present but also deprives them of enjoying lifetime joy meant for the future. Above all, I hope that this book will become a catalyst for change in the world, helping youths across the country to learn, teach, and practice what will help them fulfill their purposes even as they journey through the seductive world.
Falana. I. A. Zion
(Author of the poetry book “Journey to the west”)


1. Oh my goodness, you nailed it my noble mentor, this novel “Twist of Amateurs” is quite edifying and it is a must-read for students regardless of their level, as it educates the greenhorns on the implication of being in a romantic relationship while in their “self-discovery years”.

Also as a lover of academics, I see embedded in this novel tips to improving in academic studies like how to easily grasp and never forget a topic taught in class, how to last longer in study hours, etc. Indeed this book is an eye-opener and I recommend it to anyone I love, for I know it will go a long way in changing the negative idiosyncrasies of many students today and help them turn a new leaf.
Kudos once more my secondary school Senior Prefect and mentor, I really congratulate you on this inspirational gift- Twist of Amateurs.
Ifeanyi H Uzor
(2020 Senior prefect Government Secondary School GRA Enugu)

2. Most parents today live in dread of what their children do in schools especially high schools, as a parent and high school teacher I deem it wise to present to them the aftermaths of each course of life chosen, this book will really help you do that. It’s a fully baked guide in the story form, which explored the naivety of some of our “young adults” in high school.
I congratulate my product Paulinus A Okechukwu on this accomplishment and recommend this book to all students, guidance counselors, teachers, and parents.
Mrs. J.E. Agbo
(M.BA English)

3. This is an extremely powerful and captivating story with a whole lot of lessons for everyone; young ones, adults, and even more for parents!
The sterling literally flow is amazing, in fact, I could not drop the book till I read it all, I got a lot of chills and goosebumps.
Consider yourself fortunate if you are about to read this book because it will leave you with life lessons as you digest it through.
Kudos Paulinus! I cannot wait for another drop.
Hollywood .O. Ikenwugwu
Self-development Coach, social entrepreneur, and leader with C21FG.

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Twist of Amateurs
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