Use Amazon to discover new book titles
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You can use Amazon to discover new book titles. This post will show you how.

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Use Amazon to discover new book titles: Step by Step Guide

Go to 

Use Amazon to discover new book titles

Ensure you choose the Kindle store or the book section as shown above. The kindle section is for published ebooks on Amazon while the Book section is for published paperback books on Amazon.

You should also ensure you are not signed in to your account when you carry out these searches. If you are signed in, Amazon will recommend keywords and books to you based on the previous searches you have carried out on the site.

What you want at this stage are keywords users of the search bar have typed into the bar to find books and not what you have searched using the bar.


Type in a main keyword

Type a main Keyword that represents a problem area you can use a book to solve. In the figure below, I chose to use the main keyword, ‘faith.’

Amazon to find new book niches

Amazon gives you suggestions as you type the keyword. I got the following keywords and keyphrases suggestions from Amazon while I typed faith into the search bar. 

  • Faith hunter
  • Faithless in death
  • Faith Gibson 
  • Faith summers and so on.

Those suggestions represent keywords visitors to the Amazon website have used to search for books they can buy. These keywords can be very good suggestions of book projects you can work on.


Other letters of alphabets in Amazon search bar

You can find more keywords when you begin to type the letters of the alphabet from a to z after the main keyword, ‘faith.’ See the images below to see what I have described here.

How to find new book projects

Keywords from Amazon search bar

Though Amazon does not give us information about how many people actually use those keywords to carry out their searches but at least these keywords and keyphrases represent the interests or the desires of the people when they looked for books to buy on Amazon.

There are however tools in the market that can help you to find this precious information and a lot of them are paid products. I will write about them in another blog post.


Keywords for your book project ideas

With this strategy, you can discover a lot of keywords and keyphrases for your next book projects. You can also use this strategy to find out relevant book titles and subtitles for books you wrote purely out of your passion.

You can also use this strategy to find out some or all of the seven keywords or keyphrases you can use when you publish your books on Amazon.

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Use Amazon to discover new book titles
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