12 Free Username Generators
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Usernames for the web can be fun to create, but there’s actually a very important reason why all of your accounts —from your email to your bank—should use a unique username.

Using the same username and password for all of your online accounts leaves you more vulnerable to identity theft, in which case a thief can use personal information to open new accounts.

Free Username Generators

When brainstorming a new username, you should try not to include personal information, such as your birthday, address, or anniversaries.

To come up with really unique and aesthetic usernames, try one of these 12 free username generators!

1. Jimpix-Username Generator

Jimpix Image

With Username Generator by Jimpix, you can generate lists of usernames made up of words chosen from different categories. Most of the time, people want a username that is personal and meaningful to them—this tool allows you to choose a custom name that’s still hard to guess!

With this username generator tool, type in a word and select a category from the list. The tool will then create usernames made up of your typed word and random words from the selected category. Users also have the option of choosing a category at random.

2. SpinXO

SpinXo Image

Combine various popular keywords with your own name using SpinXO to create a secure username. SpinXO also provides cool video game usernames and gamertag ideas.

For tailor-made username suggestions, add some keywords that describe your personality, hobbies, or even your favorite number. You can also start a contest to get username suggestions from friends. 

3. Masterpiece Generator

Masterpiece Generator Image

If you’re struggling to find the perfect username, Masterpiece Generator can definitely help you find one that’s both creative and interesting.

Simply enter in your first, middle, or last name, gender, adjectives to describe yourself, or even your profession, and you’ll find lots of customized options to choose from.

4. NameGenerator.biz

Visit NameGenerator.biz and choose a unique and secure name for your YouTube, Twitter, or email accounts. You can even choose a gaming name for your online gaming accounts!

You can use this as a Fortnite name generator or help you find cool video gamer names.

5. Fantasy Name Generators-Username Generator

Fantasy Name Generators-Username Generator Image

Fantasy Name Generators-Username Generator doesn’t just give you fantasy names for writing, but also a tool to make your accounts more secure.

By clicking the radio buttons on the website, you can substitute either the first or second words of the randomly generated usernames. If you don’t like them, then you can simply click again to get 10 new random names. 

6. BestRandoms

BestRandoms Image

With BestRandoms username generator, simply pick a category, enter in letters, and choose the desired length of your username.

Based on the information you enter, the tool will generate 80 unique usernames for you to choose from. The usernames can be cool, funny, or cute, and you can use them on all social websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

7. Name Generator 2-Username Generator

Name Generator 2-Username Generator helps you overcome the challenging task of coming up with an original username.

But not only that—this tool can help you to generate unique email addresses, too!

8. Name Generator Fun

Name Generator Fun Image

Enjoy creating your next username with Name Generator Fun. Use it for forums, social media, and even gaming. This username generator will provide you with options that are as fashionable, clever, adorable, or edgy as you like.

Simply select your preferences from the form and click the button to generate your name!

9. LastPass Username Generator

LastPass Username Generator Image

LastPass is definitely your friend when it comes to making your accounts safe and secure. With Last Pass’s Username Generator, you are not only able to create random passwords, but also a usernames that’s difficult to guess.

LastPass claims that recent data shows cybersecurity hacks are occurring more frequently, and usernames and email addresses are especially targeted. Creating a secure username can be a big first step to protecting your online information.

Username Generators for Instagram

Here are several username generators to give you great Instagram name ideas and even a few cute Instagram names you can use to become more visible on social media.

10. Cute Instagram Names

Cute Instagram Names Image

Cute Instagram Names by LingoJam might be the most user-friendly username generator.

All you need to do is type your name (or nickname) and Cute Instagram Names will generate a name for you. Although they won’t all have contain the names you entered, you can definitely find 1 or 2 that are perfect for your Instagram account.

11. Templar Island Group-Username Generator

Templar Island Goup-Username Generator generates all kinds of usernames that are perfect for social media platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

This tool can create funny, random, and cool names starting with just a single word.

12. Username Generator-Cool Usernames for Instagram

Username Generator-Cool Usernames for Instagram Image

You can definitely keep your social accounts cool with Cool Usernames for Instagram. by simply typing in your preferred word and username length.

Just type in some keywords and your preferred username length, and this username generator will provide you a list of fun usernames.

Username Ideas

A username is your identity online, whether you use it for your online bank or just to meet new people through a chat room. You’ll want your name to be interesting, but most importantly, secure.

These username generators will help you keep your account safe with truly unique names.

How do you choose your online usernames? Let us know in the comments below!


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12 Free Username Generators
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