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What happens when Amazon terminate your KDP account? This is a question that has come up on several publishing and book forums online. There can be a lot of reasons why Amazon can decide to terminate your KDP account. The sole reason that summarizes all the reasons is when you consistently go against the terms of service.

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Warning emails before termination of KDP account

The good thing about Amazon is that the organization will always send warning emails to you anytime you go against their terms of service in any way. Your account will only be terminated if you decide to change your ways or act on instructions from the emails sent to you.

Amazon does not just kick out the Amazon KDP account of authors, they will always warn you and warn you with several emails.


When Amazon terminate your Amazon KDP account: What do you do

Now when your Amazon KDP is terminated for any reason, I want you to check out this checklist and see if you can find any valuable advice: (Note: What you will read below are just our thoughts. It may not represent what Amazon thinks or wants).

  • You deserved what happened because you were warned several times.
  • You need to learn your lesson here.
  • While you can’t open two accounts as an individual but you can actually open one individual account and one for your publishing company. This is legal (this is subject to confirmation from Amazon so a simple email sent to support can give you the right information).
  • Register a firm and open an account for that firm on Amazon.
  • Now this involves a lot more work and preparation on your part. I believe it’s good for you to make you more disciplined.

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Amazon account termination: Obey the rules

I hope this helps. I want you to understand that it is important we all learn to obey and abide by the rules set out by these online publishing companies. These rules are put in place for the good of everyone.

Thank you. Please let me read your thoughts on this article.

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When Amazon terminate your KDP account
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4 thoughts on “When Amazon terminate your KDP account

    • September 10, 2022 at 10:12 am

      Why did they terminate your account. They should give you a reason.

  • October 2, 2022 at 7:38 pm

    Please my account got terminated and how can I contact kdp through phone or email

    • October 5, 2022 at 2:45 pm

      You contact them by email. When you get t the website . Scroll to the bottom page, you should see the contact tab


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