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Tim was a very rich man and actor. He also had a very bad attitude which was anger. Tim could do anything when he was angry.

He once broke his tablet because his cook added pepper to his food. He was always angry because of unnecessary things.

Tim just bought a very big limousine which cost about 5 million naira. When he entered his bedroom (the key of the limousine was with him) he saw that his dry cleaner had not taken one of his clothes.

He was so angry that he took the key and broke it. He borrowed a loan from the bank and gave his house and cars as collaterals to buy the expensive car.

After a year, everything was taken from him. Then he learnt:his lesson.

LESSON: Anger is a punishment we give to our self for someone else’s mistake.

Story by Abigael Ogunotade. An 11 year old girl. She loves writing short and long stories. She has a dream to write lots of books that will help lots of people achieve their God-given destinies and tondo the will of God. You can contact her through NowNowBooks here

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Why anger is bad (Children Stories series)
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