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Selling books online and offline have taken another dimension since the internet became a hot tool for doing business. Authors and book -selling platforms now have a great tool that they can use to promote their books.

The advent of the internet as a book – promotion tool also opened up a cheap and convenient way of producing and running a newsletter that can establish a connection between authors, new customers and existing customers.

What is a newsletter?

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A newsletter presents a medium where business owners can express their expertise, announce their programmes, products, promote their brands . There are paper newsletters and e-newsletters (also called e-zines).

This article is focusing on the e-version of newsletter also called e-zines.

E-zines are electronic newsletters. They are distributed mainly through emails. A subscriber opts in by filling a form and receives a confirmation email where after clicking on a confirmation link, he or she is subscribed to an e-zine. He or she then begins to receive periodic updates from the e-zine owner.

As an author, I have benefited immensely running e-zines on my blogs.

3 Reasons Why Authors Must Run E-zines

  1. It keeps the connection alive: In todays’ s world where there are lots of books begging for the attention of readers, you need to find a way of keeping the connection between your subscribers/readers and you alive. An e-zine provides such opportunity. Even if you only have to update your subscribers with your latest blog posts, you should have an e-zine running on your author website.

However, I believe your e-zine should also do more than updating your subscribers list about your latest blog posts. You can give exclusive freebies occasionally or use it to discuss important issues that are not discussed on your blog or website.

  1. It presents the first set of customers: If you have a new book, you will be able to announce it to your subscriber list first through your newsletter. You will likely make your first few sales through your subscriber list. Some of them have either bought from you before or have read your articles before on many occasions. They are more likely to trust you to buy your new book.
  2. It presents a research platform: You can send a survey or send a question through your newsletter and allow your subscribers to respond. Their responses can present you valuable hint on what should be your next book or book title.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please let me read your comments. You can also share how you have marketed your own books with us here. Thanks.

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Why You Must Have a Newsletter If You Sell Books: 3 good reasonss
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