Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria

If you have been using Payoneer to withdraw your book royalties from Amazon KDP, you are losing lots of money because Payoneer use Nigeria’s official exchange rate which is lower than the black market rates.

If you are new to Amazon KDP and Payoneer and you can’t register and receive receiving accounts from Payoneer because of the new policy of having $50 in your account before you can have one from Payoneer.

This new ebook guide will show you how to start withdrawing your book royalties from Amazon KDP and send to your bank account in Nigeria at the black market rates.

How to gain access

First Payment Option

Buy the book online now (2000)

Second Payment Option 

Pay by bank transfer into our corporate account below and fill the form to alert us. You can also send a WhatsApp message to 08034300979

GTB Zarepath Publishing 0424316900 

*** Your ebook will be delivered after confirmation of your payment.

***Payment is secure as you can check out through bank transfer, USSD transfer, QR codes or credit card. Payment platform is operated and managed by Paystack


How to withdraw your money from Payoneer at black market rates

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