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If you want to learn how to write for international publications as a Nigerian, then you need to read this post carefully.

Yes, you can be situated in Nigeria snd write for international publications. This is clearly within your means as a Nigerian especially today where the internet and technology has been gained so much relevance in our world.

Is it necessary to write for informational publications?

If you have made a name and gathered experience as a writer, it will not be out of place to reach out to the international market. To write for international publications or for an international audience may not be as difficult as people think. If somebody like me could write for the international market, it then means that anybody who is willing can do it.

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How to write for international publications: Step-by-step

There are very simple steps to follow.

Identify the publication you want to write for

There are several international publications. Identify the one that best suits what you want to talk about. The main question to ask is: what do they want?  Providing an answer to that question might be all that you need to break into the foreign publication.

Get their link

Getting contact with foreign publications is not difficult. Just pay a visit to the local newsstand or at various airports. You can also go for past editions to get what you want. Past editions are always cheaper and at times can even be given out for free.

You can also pay a visit to foreign embassies for inquiries. Family members and friends abroad can also be of assistance. Some of them can procure publications for you when they are visiting or can link you with potential publishing firms over there.

You should understand that you can also go online to do a search on the search engines.

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Understand their style

Having gotten the past editions or read their websites or their past online publications, take time to read them in order for you to understand their style. It will be a waste of time for you to be sending articles to a magazine that has nothing to do with the kind of things you are writing. Remember, your name is at stake, so strive to do proper research and investigation before going public.


Focus and concentrate your writing on one area. Be known for that discipline. International publications look at news from various perspectives. Human rights, corruption, inventions, tourism, threats to western values, sports, etc.


Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunities. Go ahead and do all that is necessary for making yourself an expert in that chosen field. You must know everything about your product or service before you showcase it to the outside world. Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunities.

More information

There are practically seminars, workshops, retreats, and conferences going on all over the place, which one can benefit from. Some are even free. In the same vein are books that discuss a wide variety of issues. The Internet has brought the world closer to our doorsteps. No one has any excuse for failing as it stands. Seek more knowledge. Associate with men and women who can help you to the next level. All that you desire to attain is possible if you but seek.

Apply creativity

There is always a better way to do it. Most of you enjoy cowbell sachet milk today because an organization discovered a better way to serve the generality of the Nigerian masses especially the youth.  Today they are leaders in that category.

Satisfy a need

It is a proven marketing strategy that if you are able to satisfy a need, you will be on your way smiling to the banks. Just give the people what they want and they make you a millionaire many times over. But that is not the message I want to communicate here.

The era of just satisfying a need without going the extra mile in an attempt to make your bucks has gone. Today there is fierce competition out there, and people are coming out with different creative strategies to overrun their rivals. Everything you can think of is being taken to the doorstep of the customer now, whether he made the request or not. Please if you forget every other thing, don’t forget this. This is the most important thing.

Reach out

Please this is a vital point. Don’t wait for the apple to be brought into your bedroom. There are many that the apple seeks to feed. Get out there and get your own share. Let the tree know how thirsty and hungry you are for its fruits. The media in this case has one million and one successful people to deal with and probably will not have your time. But the issue is as soon as they perceive that you’ve arrived, all eyes will be on you.

Be patient

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step so says the old adage.  What we are talking about here is money and nobody will just write you a cheque without first making sure that you really deserve it. Any sign of impatience could spark off something from whoever wants to help you, be it an individual or an institution.

Be willing to sacrifice

Like was mentioned earlier ego should have nothing to do in your pursuit to make it to the top. Be willing to do the things you don’t like to get what you want. I was selling books to my friends working in the banking industry, friends with who I graduated. If you are a graduate, for now, put your certificate away until you get what you want. Disregard what family and friends will say, it’s only you can see a clearer picture of where you are going.

Be honest

Life we all know is a boomerang.  Be sure to use funds given to you for the purpose for which is given to you. Remember there is always tomorrow, you could need the same person or organization sometime on the future.

Go the extra mile

See the possibility in everything. Do more than is required of you. Be ready to woo money by wooing people and institutions to believe in the beauty of your dream. Money cannot do a thing unless directed by an intelligent mind.

Act now

Actions they say speak louder than words. All you’ve read will not amount to anything if not put into practice. You must take action immediately. This is a call for action. Tomorrow may be too late.

I hope you lived this. Please share this with your friends and let me read from you.


How to write for international publications as a Nigerian
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