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This post will show you why you must write your own book today. Please enjoy it and share with your friends.


Why you must write your own book 

One of the best things you can do to yours to write your own book. Yes you need publish your ideas, your story, your knowledge, your research, etc. You need to write down that special knowledge you have more others or that privileged information you have.

If you don’t publish it, you will be doing yourself a harm and you will be hurting this generations and the other generations to come as you deprive them what they ought to know.

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Why you need to write that book

The following are the reasons why you must write your own book:


If you don’t publish it, it will perish

Ideas messages, stories, knowledge, etc cannot live forever, unless they are written and published. If you don’t want your messages to die, breath unto them by publishing them and make them available to all.


If you fail to publish, you will not make impact

Your impact will only be limited to the people you know and the people that know you. You won’t be able to be a blessing to other millions of people who will never meet or know you. If your desire is to make impact in life, bless people all over the world and transform the life of people you may never meet, then get up pick your biro and start to write. You can do it!

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It makes you an expert

As soon as you write a book or two in one area of life, people will start to see you as an expert in that area and will start to relate with you at that level and start to contact you for counseling, training consultancy.


It brings you honour

There is honour in been an author. People will respect you for writing books. Some will even demand for your autograph Whao! You are already a celebrity.


You will outlive yourself

Many dead authors are still teaching and mentoring people through the books they wrote before their death. They are dead but are still living. They have outlived themselves. They can never die!

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Greatness awaits you

Yes! Greatness awaits you if you write. Hear what the Bible says:

The Lord gave the word, great was the company of those that published it” (Psalm 68:11)

If you write your book, you can only know the beginning, you can never predict how far the book will take you. Don’t wait, do something now by writing the book.


It opens new opportunities for you

Books open to you new doors without knocking, connections without effort, get you to the high table of life without lobbying.

With books, you meet Governors, dine with Queens and Kings with them seeing it as an opportunity to meet you. No other thing can do this for you more than writing your own books.


Make real money

Yes! You can become a millionaire by writing and publishing your books. One beautiful thing about book writing is, you labour for it once and you continue to reap the harvest for life. In fact, one of the best inheritance you can leave for your children is royalties from books.

Article Credit: Pastor Bisi Adewale. Family Booster Ministry, Lagos, Nigeria

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