Self Publishing Companies in Nigeria

Though, NowNow Books is a self publishing company in Nigeria, we are glad to bring to you this list of other self publishing companies in Nigeria.


Though they are direct competitors to NowNow Books, the most exciting online bookstore in  Nigeria, we are glad to let you see some other options you have to get your books published in Nigeria.

Let me inform you that this list will be updated anytime we find more self publishing companies in Nigeria that will be of benefit to you in your desire to get published.

It is your duty to carry our more investigations about these self publishing companies before you start a business relationship with them.

Today we have several self publishing companies in Nigeria who have very good publishing plans for any author who wants to self publish his or her booksClick To Tweet

Self Publishing Has Evolved

Cost of book publishing in Nigeria is controlled by a lot factors. These factors are changing daily. Now self publishing of books in Nigeria has really evolved as it has done all over the world. More authors are now moving towards self publishing due to the fact that they are being given little attention by the various traditional publishers.

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Self Publishing Companies In Nigeria

Today we have several self publishing companies in Nigeria who have very good publishing plans for any author who wants to self publish his or her books.

Some of these publishing companies in Nigeria will give you the opportunity for you to have one or more copies of your book to be printed for you. Some even promised home delivery. Though the cost of this must have been added to the total cost of their book publishing services.

Some of them also have price calculators on their sites which you can use to calculate the cost of publishing your book before you enter into a business deal with them.

We also have some of them offering to publish authors’ books online and get them distributed on a worldwide scale.

I want you to enjoy these collections.

NowNow Books

It is normal that I should start with our company. We are the most exciting online bookstore in Nigeria. We also help authors self publish their books worldwide. We have different set up to self publish for authors and also to assist them to distribute their books worldwide.

You will need to browse through our website to pick a service that is suited for your publishing needs.

Black Tower Publishers

Black Tower Enterprise is a Christian-based organization, which runs the mainline online self-publishing organization. Their book printing house (Jifar Global Concept) will work with you based on your budget, and still give your project the professional look it deserves.

This publishing company will publish your books on the major online stores like Amazon and Lulu.  Learn about how to do it yourself and avoid spending so much money paying publishing companies. Visit Black Tower Publishing to read more.

Reach Publishers

Reach publishers pride themselves as being one of the top self-publishers in the world and have helped many authors make their books a huge success. Visit to read more at Reach Publishers

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The Book Patch

At the Book Patch, you can have a single copy or as many copies as possible published for you. You can even use the price calculator on their site to calculate the price before hand. You will also have the opportunity to upload your published book to their bookstore at no cost to you. You will also keep all the sales money.

Book Patch says this on their website:

“Take full control of your project! Keep 100% of your copyright and 100% of your profits”.  Visit The Book Patch to read more.


Publiseer is dedicated to helping African author and artist publish their works on the World Wide Web. The company believes It’s critical for authors and artists to reach their fans and attract new fans that rely on trusted stores like Amazon, Google Play store and Apple store to drive their discovery experience.

According to a statement on their website:

“Publiseer lets African authors and artists sell their books and music respectively, on over 400 major online stores worldwide, including Amazon, Google Play store, and Apple store. We are free, and always will be, so they don’t have to worry about paying any publishing fees. Now, they can put all their budget into marketing their work.”

You can check out their exciting publishing services at Publiseer


OkadaBooks prides irself as Africa’s leading digital content provider of local and original books. Recently the company celbtaed over 300, 000 registered members.

Okada Books is a do it yourself platform where authors can upload their book files, usually in epub formats and their covers with other details to get published on their easy-to-use platform. It is free to publish your books on OkadaBooks.

Please visit OkadaBooks to read more.

Thank you for reading through this post on self publishing companies in Nigeria. Just as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I will be updating this post as soon we find other good self publishing companies in Nigeria.

Please let me read your comments and ensure you show some love by sharing this post with friends on the social media.

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Self Publishing Companies in Nigeria

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