Power of AI and technology
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The power of AI and technology is designed to help you. Do you believe that? You should. Artificial Intelligence has come to stay and is there staring us in the face.

The truth is that many things are changing online and in the business world. AI is crushing lots of things now. It will do more ‘harm’

Please note that harm is in inverted commas. The harm can be an advantage or a disadvantage to you depending on how you react to the situation.


Power of AI and technology: Improvement in technology

Improvement in technology is always s good thing. But it won’t do you any good if you allow yourself to be ignorant and to be left behind.

The internet and technology have really added lots of values to me. And that is because I started very early to learn about it.

I started way back in 2006. I attended the first seminar at Ishagamu, Ogun, Nigeria.


What attracted me to the internet?

What attracted me to the internet were two things or let me say three:


1. I saw a magazine

I stumbled upon a magazine in a school hostel where I was a Math teacher and hostel master. The magazine is about using the internet to do business.

That was strange to me. A student brought it from home. His dad was on the front page. I read through the pages and I had to visit the publisher to have a chat with him at Surulere, Lagos Nigeria.

Yes I traveled down to that office because it was some distance from my home. Well, that effort was worth it

That was the year, 2006.


2. Read Success Digest Magazine

Later I began to read Success Digest magazines published by my late business mentor, Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase.

That was when I saw the statement of Bill Gates. He said in the next twenty years any business that is not on the internet will be out of business!

That got me more interested. That was a business prophetic statement from the then richest man in the world.

That was in 2007.


3. Revelations I have seen

The third was the different revelations I have seen as a Christian about this technology change. Today the internet, technology, social media and now AI are the kings for business and social life.

Yes, the power of AI and technology is the next. If you’re still passive about these things you are doing yourself lots of harm.


Use of social media, internet and technology

We have used the internet, technology, social media etc. for different purposes since 2007. My first ebook, Jesus and Your Success hit the internet in that year.

Over 40 books are online now. Some books are in different languages today. All thanks to God and theses technologies.

Our websites are one of the best ranked in their niches today. While others play and abuse on social media, we play and do business or help people.

Please take these technologies seriously.


Gold is no more inside the Universities

The gold is not in our universities or higher Institution of learning again. It’s inside information and inside these technologies.

I am not saying the universities are useless. No, I can’t say that. They are useful to give you what I call a start up training in some areas. So don’t neglect your university training.

I just finished PGD business Administration and I am doing the MBA soon. So they are relevant. But you will be no where if you rely on University education only to get you anwhere in our world of today.


Power of AI and Technology: Emergence of Artificial Intelligence

Now, AI or Artificial Intelligence can give you answers or education to what University lecturers can’t give you. And it’s free!!!

𝗖𝗵𝗮𝘁𝗚𝗣𝗧-𝟰 is now available for free!!!

That came after Facebook and Whatsapp incorporated these AI technologies into their products. How many have observed that? I know some people did not notice that.

We are waiting for Google to crush it all soon!


Get serious abo Artificial Intelligence

I believe Artificial Intelligence will work for our good. But we need to get in the mix. We need to. It is very important.

Oh, I have written so much. I didn’t plan to write this today.  I believe this post must have educated you and open your eyes.

Let me read your comment. If you want more information about our ongoing project on Artificial Intelligence, especially for authors and publishers, please contact us by email or call or Whatsapp 08034300979.

Power of AI and technology
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