Tempted But Not Defeated

Tempted But Not Defeated is a motivational book by Sulaimon Waheed Olanrewaju that shares the author’s personal journey of overcoming temptations and staying committed to his goals.


About Tempted But Not Defeated book

With inspiring stories, practical advice, and biblical insights, this book encourages readers to stay focused, build resilience, and achieve their dreams. Check out the payment details below to get a copy today.

(Note: See an excerpt from the book, Tempted But Not Defeated at the end of this page).

Tempted But Not Defeated


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Read an excerpt from Tempted But Not Defeated

Welcome to this journey of self-reflection and growth. My name is Sulaimon Waheed Olanrewaju, and I’ve been where you are – struggling with temptations and feeling defeated. In this book, we’ll explore common struggles, share personal experiences, and discover strategies for overcoming them.

Olanrewaju slumped onto the couch, his head in his hands, as the familiar thoughts of defeat and frustration swirled through his mind. He had done it again – yielded to temptation and let his anger get the better of him.

Just hours before, he had been at the office, working alongside his colleagues, Samson and Godwin. A heated discussion had erupted, and Olanrewaju’s temper had flared. He had lashed out, saying hurtful words that he couldn’t take back

Now, as he sat in the silence of his living room, he couldn’t shake off the guilt and self-doubt. Why did he always let his emotions get the best of him? Why was he so weak?

Samson, his closest friend and confidant, had tried to talk him down, but Olanrewaju had brushed him off. Godwin, the quiet and wise one, had attempted to intervene, but Olanrewaju’s anger had been too much to contain.

As he sat there, he knew he had to make things right. He picked up his phone and dialed Samson’s number. “Hey, man, I need to see you. I messed up big time.”

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Tempted but not defeated

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