Givers never lack (Children’s stories)
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Sons of the prophet

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Indeed, givers never lack. I never believed the ‘philosophy’ of giving and receiving more than you gave. That was awkward.
How can a boy who had 50 naira and gave 30 naira away and still have more than 50 naira.
That was one of the reasons that made me to be selfish to my friends. When I was about to give them money or the likes, I would think, what was I going to gain from helping them.
I never believed that ‘philosophy’ until one day. You know experience is the best teacher.
That fateful day… Let me add, I was a boarder… My friends came to me to give them some money since they were very hungry.
The remaining 100 naira I had wasn’t going to be enough for me for that day. Lying was the first thing that crossed my mind. But as I was going to lie, the 100 naira fell down from my hand. I couldn’t lie to them now.
I gave them #50 out of the hundred naira I had with me. I was sure that I was going to starve till my parents sent money to me. As I was going to the classroom, someone told me the principal was calling me.
When I got to the principal’s office, the principal told me that my parents just sent five thousand naira. I was very happy I didn’t even say thank you. Now I believe in the ‘philosophy’.
Lesson: Always give

Givers never lack (Children’s stories)
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