Where are thou o prophet

Do You Want to Know Who a Prophet is and How True Prophets Operate? Where Are Thou O Prophet book will show you. 

If you want deep revelations about the prophetic ministry, then this book is right for you.


About Where Are Thou O Prophet book?

Where Are Thou O Prophet is a book birthed out of a search for the reconciliation between prophecy, its fulfillment, and what happens between the lines.

I am sure you already know that the Prophetic ministry is the most controversial ministry attracting criticisms and misconception based on a myopic and shallow knowledge of who God is and His operations.

The Prophetic ministry is often questioned. This book, in its simplicity, unveils the deepest truth to the body of Christ as to who the true Prophets are.

With every opening of the pages of this book, Where Are Thou I Prophet, revelations will flood your spirit and it will move you to a place of advantage in life.


Revelations from Where Are Thou O Prophet?

Where are thou o prophet


The revelations you will find in this book, Where Are Thou O Prophet, are as follows:

  •  Who is a prophet?
  • What do Prophets do?
  • How does the prophet operate?
  • Why is the Prophetic ministry controversial?
  • How to handle prophecies when they contradict the scriptures?
  • And so much more

I assure you that as you read through with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will no longer be a slave to any satanic Prophets and Prophecies in Jesus’ mighty name, and the Mantle of the genuine Prophets that are still hanging can be yours and our generation will know that God still has MEN that are called and are doing His will.

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Where are thou o PROPHET
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