How to launch your book online with NowNowBooks

You will learn how to launch your book online with NowNowBooks in this post.

What does it mean to launch your book online? How can NowNowBooks online bookstore be useful to you in this regard?


How to launch your book online: What does it mean

Launching your book online is about using the internet, Social media, and the power of the NowNowBooks online bookstore to launch your new book.

Authors who can’t put together the resources needed to launch their books offline can opt for the cheaper and almost free option of launching the book online.


Why should authors launch their books online?

Authors should launch their books online for the following reasons:

  • They have a new book they want to give the required early sales traction
  • They lacked the required cash and other resources to launch offline
  • They want to leverage the power of the internet and social media to launch their books
  • They want to reach as many people as possible with little or no cost
  • They want to make some money that will help them print the book offline

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How to launch your book online: The process 

Start a WhatsApp group

Start a WhatsApp group and add everyone you know and you think will be interested.

Write down online groups

Write out the WhatsApp groups you belong to that you know members will be interested in you and your book.

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Publish ebook on NowNowBooks

Get the book published on NowNowBooks online bookstore at no cost. Contact us if you want to do this or WhatsApp: 08034300979

Get your ebook link on NowNowBooks

Get your published ebook link where people can buy it online at the NowNowBooks store.

Write a proposal

Write out a mini book launch proposal and invitation for people who will be interested in your book.

Publish proposal on social media

Paste and distribute this proposal on social media. The proposal should include the link to your WhatsApp group.

Invite sponsors

Invite friends, sponsors, etc. to join the WhatsApp group.

Fix a date for the ebook launch

Fix a date for the launching. your book and let it be in the proposal before you begin to distribute it on social media.

On the ebook launch day

On the day of the book launch, welcome everyone in the group and tell them why you wrote the book and the benefits to them. Give out the link in the NowNowBooks store to members to buy the book online and for it to be delivered to them online immediately after their payment is confirmed.

NowNowBooks online payment is powdered by Paystack. Customers can buy securely on NowNowBooks online bookstore.

Sponsors can pay into your bank account

You can also solicit support from members who want to pay into your bank account to support you for the book.

You should note that NowNowBooks pay you 70% of the listed price for each ebook sale.

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How to launch your book online with NowNowBooks
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